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This is the fine art group BALLS XR... where size matters!!

"From campy adult humor to the more risque content... and everything in between... no matter where your art goes... if it's adult content art... then it's BALLS XR!!"

BALLS XR Rules of Play: BALLS XR stands for BIG AND LITTLE LIMITED SIZE XR art displaying adult content or/and sexually related (nothing ever over 48" and rarely anything under a 1/2"). If you enjoy creating adult genre art consisting of any style and any medium in the visual arts... both fine and functional... two dimensional and beyond... well then... this creative and social sphere is the forum for gathering together... both in the spirit of fun and in the adventurous pursuit of shiny gold doubloons!!

The Name Of The Game: Having the balls to show your BALLS XR or roll out your words entails playing the policy game to the best of your ability... as we may be hitting the rim at times.

BALLS XR is part of the family of XR art groups, an established art collective of global artists selling their branded wares of "XR" art on the web.

Grab your BALLS XRs... and show us whatcha got!!
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Rules Of Submission

1. Size matters here at BALLS XR. BALLS XR sizes are rolled out in 6 established sizes. Micro - BALLS XR bounce up to 1.5". Mini - BALLS XR bounce over 1.5" to 6". Small ~ BALLS XR bounce over 6" to 14". Medium ~ BALLS XR bounce over 14" to 30". Big ~ Balls XR bounce over 30" to 48". ODD BALLS XR are BALL XR sets, etc.

2. Genre matters here at BALLS XR. We are dedicated to all aspects of the Adult Genre, in all its varied and exquisite forms. Nudity is a key part of the Adult landscape, but isn't required.

3. Submission folders are divided into standard and not so standard sub-genres. Most submission folders include sub-folders for the size of your BALLS. Please submit to whichever folder(s) best fits your sub-genre or/and BALLS size. If your BALLS XR does not fit into any sub-genre, Miscellaneous is your best fit.

4. There is a folder for any BALLS XR artists that have BALLS XR art for sale in cyberspace. There is also a folder for any commission work offered by BALLS XR artists.

5. The XR Laboratory is where you will find tools of the trade. Any BALLS XR artist is free to use the logo(s) on any BALLS XR listing to promote their BALLS XR art.

6. Submissions to the BALLS XR gallery folders are limited to members only, and must be your own work, or a collaboration. Submissions to Featured are subject to a vote. Submissions to Favourites cannot be your own work, and are also subject to a vote. All submissions must pass thru Elvira's cleavage, or a fire-breathing dragon, depending on the sub-genre.

7. DA bans pornography.

Hitting the links below will take you to the rules governing nudity, pornography, etc.

DA Nudity Policy

DA rules on Pornographic Images

DA rules on Censoring adult material


Liberation by Rowye
Mature content
Liberation :iconrowye:Rowye 856 205
Illuminating Beauty by subvirgins
Mature content
Illuminating Beauty :iconsubvirgins:subvirgins 162 86
You asked for it by Acrylicdreams You asked for it :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 144 23 Peenemunde by Waldemar-Kazak Peenemunde :iconwaldemar-kazak:Waldemar-Kazak 1,667 100 Femofalic Sculpture by darthstrider
Mature content
Femofalic Sculpture :icondarthstrider:darthstrider 22 3
I love Bananas by Elias-Chatzoudis I love Bananas :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 877 37 The Safe Word is Red by subvirgins
Mature content
The Safe Word is Red :iconsubvirgins:subvirgins 169 98


Existential Crisis?

Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse? 

4 deviants said I don't give a rat's ass!
1 deviant said Other/Comment
No deviants said Scary stuff, and here's why . . .
No deviants said Bring it on! Robot girls are HOT!
No deviants said Would comment, but I'm afraid to (peeing in my pants right now!)

BALLS In The Window

Hot Date With BALLS XR

BALLS XR - Feel The Power Of Exploration

XR Diner

Gallery Folders

Ada Wong (Valentine's Day) by AyyaSAP
Succubus Forgotten Myths by AyyaSAP
Red by krysdecker
Summer in Overwatch by krysdecker
whip it up - W I P
Armature Closeup by barbarajgarrett
in spirit by lisa-im-laerm
lillith by lisa-im-laerm
DO IT For The Doubloons - COMMISSIONS

Mature Content

Warm Lights || Commission by wool-gatherer
Freya2 by manyfacesart
Genie by manyfacesart
BALLS XRs For Sale In Cyberspace

Mature Content

Quicksand Peril by manyfacesart

Mature Content

Poison Ivy Commission by NaughtyliciousArt
Fan Art Pack 2 - now available on Gumroad by Monolithic-Sloth
Cortana Pin-Up (NSFW preview) by Monolithic-Sloth
Do ya Digi ?

Mature Content

Post-Apocalypse by Yuran1
Untitled by AS-VelveteenRabbit
Watch The Birdie - Photography
 Dsc9014 by AlterEgoFotografia
Untitled by leahmetallic
Two of the Best Things by MissMandyMotionless

Mature Content

Spirit of Summer 2 by Red-Draken
Sticky 'n Stiff - C o l l a g e s

Mature Content

Crux by offermoord

Mature Content

Heavy Artillery by offermoord

Mature Content

So Close by ephermera-remix
Ride The Rainbow - L G B T
Iconographic Kaleidoscope by surreal1st1cp1llow
Don't Dream it, Be it. by modgud-merry
Rough Night for the Drag Queen by nilwilnil
LGBT Dreamcatcher (blacklight) by surreal1st1cp1llow
Deeply Penetrating: Spirit-Psych-Sociopolitical
V O G U E : V A P O R by Dana-Ulama
Subjects Wanted by Dana-Ulama

Mature Content

Psychosis of the celibates by lindenART

Mature Content

Strike a pose 756 by BlueB0y
Bone Dance With The DAY OF THE DEAD
Will Strip For Comics

Mature Content

Harley Quinn criminal photo by Yuran1
MANGA In Your Kimono, Or You Just ANIME To See Me?
Gamora by Yuran1
Pet It Til It Purrrs - ANTHRO - FURRIES
Cebra Girl: Hunter or Prey? by fantasio

Mature Content

Supergirl 13 by arion69
Dress Code: Bikini - Thong - Lingerie
Not in the mood by aatheone
Let's Eat Cheesecake - P I N U P S

Mature Content

Lip service by ArtbroSean
Stimulate Your EROTICA Zone

Mature Content

Vaporwear by ArtbroSean
Get Ur Freak On: Fetish - BDSM

Mature Content

Red cheeks by modgud-merry
Get Down With LOWBROW

Mature Content

Strikepose 747 by BlueB0y
Pop-It-In -- POP ART
Sonic Sight by offermoord
Pillow Of Dreams - SURREALISM
TheFlowerAndTheBee by TheMindPrisoner

Mature Content

Gothic  by Theismystery

Mature Content

Sexy mummy by Yuran1
Pull Out Your Big Raygun------- sci-fi

Mature Content

Armor-Mia 3.2 by LABodyMapping
Whatever FANTASY You Fancy

Mature Content

Shy Cowgirl (Art Trade) by 100-EXP
Funny Boner - HUMOR

Mature Content

Turbulent Trekkie Trashing by ArtbroSean
When It Don't Fit - MISC

Mature Content

Field by nerdishdad
BALLS XR Challenges
XR Challenges Icon by surreal1st1cp1llow
Pussy Power 2017 by surreal1st1cp1llow

XR Art & Artist Tongue Exchange (Forum Link)

XR logo




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