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The Harlot and the Harlequin
play two years gone past
in two hours
lies churning forth
of addictions
and futures forced
sincerest sympathies
to the sap
sad enough to laugh
in earnest we cry
to meet the grindstone
too simple the chase
marching on
on the dark unending
discerning truth
trust tired faces
lies in these lonely places
ode to memories
words unspoken, unbroken
revoke them
wishing for which
he had chosen
one fucking misstep
we were frozen
in sleep. death.
a moments caress
carried into dreams
and nightmares
of speaking to her
return to the night
were they moaning
or whispers
or whimpers
cooing simpers
wooing near sleep
an earnest affection
unlikely projection
shying away
doubt. fleeting feelings.
a cheap fucking parlor trick.
he can't find a voice.
a pen. a canvas.
a goddamn stage.
he lies
she lied
stubborn his intentions
convincing if false
were her inventions
they lie together.
passion spilled
through the floorboards
flickering lights mime disaster
a dissonance shouts
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The Day Death Rode In
Even for our desert settlement, it was unseasonably warm. During this particular week, whispers woulda shriveled up and fallen to the ground before reaching even the most eager ears. The dry, stagnant air was like corpse's breath...and the entire town could feel it.
A recent fiasco at the brothel -- resulting in the death of the amicable Madam Percy -- had become more of a problem for me and mine than I was figgerin' it oughta. My negotiatin' skills had failed in an escalatin' hostage situation.  I have no idea why we were protecting the lives of a bunch of whores. I guess even though all of us men of the law were churchgoers, we'd each been to the brothel at one time or 'nother to cheat on wives or betray our image. My eyes always had trouble adjusting to the artificial night in that lodge, so I s'pose that the women coulda been men dressed as women...but not Miss Percy. You couldn't hide such beauty with rain or mud or shadows; her eyes were like guiding stars on a moonless
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The Innkeeper
wasted, cold and senseless
lost in rewind
the words the pen are broken then
he calls her name just one last try
he fights for the night
burning in his meager light
one to write, erase, eristic
damn the consequences
two can right, narrate, realistic
lonely in the truths untold
fighting for the truest world
fuck the romantic, hedonistic
live life euphemistic
build him up, break him down
toy with the toy soldier
what can we use you for
denial try the celibate life
stab your eyes
escape your sight
denial try to live so high
avert your eyes
tears, touch her thighs
she lives so near
a friend to fear
reach for the heights
somber in the sight of lowliness
wake up your fucking conscience
his fears are soundly sleeping
he has no voice
scream hate
maligning fate
he locked the door
but let her in
fucking let me in
she'll let us in
duress hell breathe unrest
hostage scribbling, scrambling distressed
fast forward.
embrace the present.
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Appa by ballpark Appa :iconballpark:ballpark 1 1
Unwritten in the book of destiny,
but perhaps only a memory.
Something someone can't let go
takes on a life of its own.
Writing and erasing, unsealing fates of men.
Escaping its own for the last, and then
undoing the stars, burning the sun.
Unchained others from an unchained one
tearing out pages, a plan unplanned.
The hourglass breaking returns to sand.
Alone must our freedom by love be bound,
and among the questions an answer is found.
When God doesn't know you're home,
we're fated to walk this world alone.
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Breach W.I.P. by ballpark Breach W.I.P. :iconballpark:ballpark 0 0
Muse Descending to the Throne
The world in fragments
Splintered from reality
And only a gentle kiss
to bring me back
from my tomb
Back from miry discontent
Battles seldom won
for war's not yet begun
Waving yearning on the horizon
Longing breath
to tease these lonely lips
The children stand up
from their early graves
Slowly life breathe gentle
This caress to untie worlds
Fragments collide yet ease my mind
Now finding fight in one orbit
And feeling flight
Fireworks rested
For me
They soar
Loosed from a prison
Their fiery cage
Triumphant display
Written wave by wave
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Clown by ballpark Clown :iconballpark:ballpark 0 0 Hoodie ID by ballpark Hoodie ID :iconballpark:ballpark 0 0 silver surfer pencils by ballpark silver surfer pencils :iconballpark:ballpark 1 0 ID wip by ballpark ID wip :iconballpark:ballpark 1 0
Monsters and Winter
There's a room through a door,
and a door in the room...
and the monsters go through
the door at night...
and come out to play during
the afternoon.
There is no light in the evening
except three stars:
the author, his pen,
and the shadow.
The monsters sometimes
travel to the sea
to bake cookies for the lord
and his lady.
Their kingdom fills all
the ocean with the most
wonderful smells.
Summer cools the sun
and winter often stabs back
in retaliation.
Soon she will be born...
only to die when the
monsters come out to play.
If for a day she could watch them
one short day...
...if only for a day.
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Hearts and stars
She waits in his dreams
Her cold, unwanted touch;
They once met there
but the ages wore weary.
His words fall like icicles
in untimely demise
from the overhangs and rooftops
onto inquiring travellers.
There once was a pet
with infinite charm
in finite galaxies
with numberless stars.
It waited there
just as she:
cold and unwanted
age-worn and weary.
The icicles fell short
of the final blow...
his flaw in the hearts
that beckoned the snow.
A bitter amalgam
made the fickle star fall.
And the pet came crashing,
and the dreams came crashing.
The world fought back...
all but the girl.
Her countenance was tired;
it begged for sleep.
The infinite pet sought its death bed,
and they left him abandoned...
in the path of the star...
...the lonely falling star.
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War within
Weakened soldier
Soul behind you
Your brothers have left you
And their blood to the land
Bitter mortality
Body loveless
Robbed of your strength
And your feet as you stand
Nary a voice
Just clouded dreams
An immortal warrior stabs
the want of this man
You wear your thorns on your heart
But the blood is on our hands
Enlist the army of this world
O commander of the damned
You're called to be faithful
And ordered to be grateful
Fight for their world
With a shield stained in providence
Callous and faithful
Ordained, ungrateful
Fight for your world
With earthstained decadence
Bastard child
Your soul deceives you
Hearts follow the tide
Your home buried in the sand
Time unresolved
Ice from the rear-view
The clever witch gains
Always the upper hand
Formidable tower
Tower to the sky
Lay waste to creation
In darkness command
She wakes unforgiving
Broken hearts and turrets unmanned
What you reap consumes you
For your commander's plan
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Sad Clown
In the alleys of the darkest Chicago
the faceless body of a love-stained life
the mangy fur of a bloodthirsty animal
hiding from the sound of another man's footsteps
Broken windows, broken dreams now discovered
His eyes burned the sky and buried the light
a lightning bolt through the cracks of the sidewalk
to the rooftops like baby's breath
Grinning gritting teeth a dying man's regret
fire thriving through icicled rapture
the laughter of loss falls after the screams of hate
Countenance hidden by the bloodstained night
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still forever beats this heart
in your careful
precise incisions.
holster this grudge
that saves your son.
the winter has been trying.
summer weeps to bigger beings.
this gateway enshrouded
cloaked in hate;
unlock the door where you find it
cross the threshold, remove the sin.
for this blood is not your own;
the whispers can not ignite.
if this monster wishes you undone,
give your weapon, brandish your heart.
these words escape into
kaleidoscope eyes
while war is raging
and ravaging within.
she marks my duty
and covers my despair.
her vessel will not
and can not survive.
and should you lead,
under your command
her crew will fall.
but for now
pain smother our final breath;
for now
the demons run free.
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