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a couple of my fave brushes for photoshop

By balloonwatch
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by Adam's Request

These aren't fancy, specialized brushes.
They're what I use for general painting.

A - Square Rounded
A - Fabric Flow
A - Triangle Brush

1. You'll need to use the Tool Presets Palette. I share its tab with brush settings. Find this under Window - Tool Presets
2. With the tab opened, go to the top-right corner and press the button that gives the options and find Load Tool Presets
3. Find and import the file
4. Should be good to go.

You won't get any cues or notice anything unless you're
already using the brush tool and you'll see the named tools pop up.

If you import the tools twice, just hold ALT and click the tool preset to snip it away

If they don't show up after importing them (in the tool presets palette)
then uncheck the "current tool only" box OR switch to the brush tool


Default Brush - everyone knows what this one is. I just gave it some tweaks to suit my needs.
minimum size is about 50 per cent, min flow is about 60. full range opacity.

The square rounded brush is my meat and potatoes. I modelled the brush after Luke Mancini's (MrJack)
square brush so that if I change direction suddenly, I won't get as many strange corners.
The rounded corners also gives more room for spacing without looking jagged, so it can be faster.
I use this for everything unless a soft edge is required.

The Fabric Flow brush was just something I was trying out just to make the pictures a little less 'clean' looking.
I do find that it really shines when you paint as if you're contouring an object and show the direction of the form.

The Triangle Brush is a new addition. I'm using it to sketch but I want some more interesting corners on the edges.
It's not so good for blending, but nothing a little more range in opacity can't fix.

I also added an eraser version of the square rounded brush in there and a couple of others.

I'm saving these in Photoshop CS6, so I don't know about backwards compatibility.
Give it a shot and tell me if it works for you or not. If it doesn't work, they're fairly easy to make.

Happy Painting!

edit: ABR version up [link]
© 2013 - 2020 balloonwatch
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I am using cc 2020 and i need an abr file :(

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morgyukHobbyist Digital Artist
it doesn't work :(
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Hello, I downloaded these brushes, not sure if, or how I might use them.
None the less, thank you for making them available. Should I use them in a project,
I will certainly credit you and also post the work that I used them in. Thanks again.
All the best,
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balloonwatchProfessional Digital Artist
no worries at all! 
Good luck with your work, Glenn!
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I'm developing a design for a personal tattoo. I may use one of your brushes in the context of an image, but I'm not sure.
Thanks again,
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I made the square for my self too. I ike drawing with it. Now i am going to try yours. 
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balloonwatchProfessional Digital Artist
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Rouge-SidHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I am having some issues using these, do you think you can export them to an .abr so it would be easier to use, and find them? :)
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balloonwatchProfessional Digital Artist
What kind of issue are you having? Is it unable to import? Is it just not appearing in the tool presets palette? What version of photoshop are you using? I can definitely upload an .abr version.
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Rouge-SidHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using Photoshop CS6 x64, and it doesn't seem to be showing up at all in the Tools Preset panel when I load the file in. .ABR seems to be easier as you can simply just double click on the file, or drag it in, and Photoshop imports, & adds them to the current brush set you have. I think t also adds it to the rush menu.
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balloonwatchProfessional Digital Artist
I'm using the same version. current tools tickbox I usually have checked, so I've gotta be using the brush tool to even see them.
It's all a preference thing, though. No worries.
My brushes Menu is so incredibly disorganized, which is why I kind of avoid it haha.

I just use the tool presets because I have a few tools like ones set on different brush modes and brushes that only work at a specific opacity or even a specific color (like a brush for warming up and cooling stuff). abr files don't save those settings so I just stick with one list of tool presets. I've just gotten used to it.

These brushes, however, don't tweak brush mode and opacity so the abr should work the same.
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Rouge-SidHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, I like to just use mostly the same brush for everything in an artwork, and tweak settings as I need.
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