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MidnightTCStudent Artist
Once you start reading this, you cannot turn back.

One day, Link :iconcdilinkplz: was surfing the internet. He was just looking at his favorite pages when all of a sudden a new tab opened up. He was confused, since he didn’t click on any link whatsoever. The tab didn’t show anything, just THE KING :iconmahboiplz:. When he tried to close the tab, nothing happened. He kept pressing the X to close it, but instead the tab turned to full size. Suddenly, the King turned into Ganon :iconcdiganonplz:. It wasn’t only the tab screen that turned to Ganon, all the button and everything else on her screen did the same. Even his mouse disappeared off the screen. After a little while, he decided to turn his computer off because he simply thought it was broken. He made a big mistake. Out of nowhere, a full screen picture of Ganon's mothers appeared on the screen :icontwinrovaplz:. As he looked at it, he could see that the pictures eyes slowly started bleeding. The longer he stared at it, the more frightening the picture became, until the picture resembled a Cucco :iconcuccoplz: . The speakers of his computer suddenly let out an extremely loud screaming noise. Link covered his ears, but it didn’t help a single thing. He tried to leave the temple, but the door was covered in bars. The screaming noise just kept getting louder until it was too much for him…
Zelda :iconalbwzeldaplz: found Link's :iconcdilinkplz: body surrounded by Cuccos. :iconcuccoplz:

Copy and paste this message to all the other plz accounts in less than one minute or you shall miss tomorrow's dinner. :iconwandofgamelon:
lord-sivlerHobbyist Digital Artist
Since when did Link have a computer?
n00bkaik Artist