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Kisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family (newest) by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family (newest) :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 5 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia Bendy's design updates by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia Bendy's design updates :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 10 0
Kisekae 2 - Fnia Bendy Design update (comic)

*Joanne... what are you doing?*

*Ink Bucket tied to rope trap?*

*well... Bendy is covered in ink now...*

*oh nice! Bendy looks better!*

*Bendy sees her new look!*

*both Bendy and Joanne seem to love it!*
The End
Fnia Bendy's Design by :iconMairusu-Paua: Mairusu-Paua 
Fnia Joanne Drew's Design by :iconShadowCrafterz136: ShadowCrafterz136 
:iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 3 0
GG Doodle cause i was bored by balloonfuckboy GG Doodle cause i was bored :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 3 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Old Man Consequences by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Old Man Consequences :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 4 0 Kisekae 2 - FNAFB Phantom BB by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - FNAFB Phantom BB :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 2 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia Inferna by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia Inferna :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 1 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Mercenaries by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Mercenaries :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 1 0
Kisekae 2-Fnia Alison and Suzy Angel updated

*Empty room huh?*

*oh, there's Alison (Pendle) Angel!*

*and in the Ink Flood she falls...*

*Tammy (Fnia Thomas/Tom Conner is called Tam/Tammy Conner by me) makes an epic entrance*

*10/10 landing*

*she stood up and noticed Alison being stuck...*

*this image speaks for itself...*

*don't worry, Alison is safe thanks to Tam!*

*thanks indeed Tam, you saved everyone's favorite Angel!*

*Tam: 'No Problem Ali!'*
*what's wrong Alice?*
10 by balloonfuckboy
*Tam: what do you mean?*
*you do look different Alison~*
11 by balloonfuckboy
*see, even the hands in the Ink Flood agree! (Those are like that Giant hand i
:iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 6 3
Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM Flooded Room by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM Flooded Room :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 5 0
Kisekae 2 - Fnia Alice Angel updated (comic)

*She's fallen asleep...*

*an drop of Ink falls from the ceiling*

*Alice wakes up due to sudden noise*

*Alice looks up*

*she finds out what caused the drip, an pipe was leaking, and now it has broken, causing an waterfall of ink to fall onto Alice*

*the Ink-Fall stops, Alice looks different...*

*she looks at herself*

*Alice is very happy about what happened!*

(Yes, i know, i misspelled Most, forgetting the M. it's too late to change that now...)
:iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 5 2
Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM hallway by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM hallway :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 9 4 Kisekae 2 - Fnia Golden Call Remodeled by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia Golden Call Remodeled :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 10 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM Deluxe Demons by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM Deluxe Demons :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 8 0 123 Hug me Street - Follower Sprite by balloonfuckboy 123 Hug me Street - Follower Sprite :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 7 0 Kisekae 2 - Fnia shield bytes by balloonfuckboy Kisekae 2 - Fnia shield bytes :iconballoonfuckboy:balloonfuckboy 7 0


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Pauline's Magical Ride :iconfleetingsanity:fleetingSanity 35 7
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Dreams as Sweet as Reality :iconfleetingsanity:fleetingSanity 53 2
commission work by aokuro1908
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Koolzz248 Animated commission Gif by YDBunny
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Koolzz248 Animated commission Gif :iconydbunny:YDBunny 393 47
Sketches - Old FNiA Classics by Clazzey
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Sketches - Old FNiA Classics :iconclazzey:Clazzey 22 9
HFTH page 23 Chapter 1 by Mischa-Mouse HFTH page 23 Chapter 1 :iconmischa-mouse:Mischa-Mouse 3 0 FNIA GIRLS STYLE BLADFNIA by YakelinGomezART FNIA GIRLS STYLE BLADFNIA :iconyakelingomezart:YakelinGomezART 13 0 FNIA Bendy Dot by kefkaofpuppet FNIA Bendy Dot :iconkefkaofpuppet:kefkaofpuppet 4 2 Hugging by CookieAndAlice Hugging :iconcookieandalice:CookieAndAlice 13 5 FNiA Classic Chica - Redraw by Clazzey FNiA Classic Chica - Redraw :iconclazzey:Clazzey 82 16 Sorry, Henry by AWildBoredJayden Sorry, Henry :iconawildboredjayden:AWildBoredJayden 5 0 Grimmchild family by Sloth-Power Grimmchild family :iconsloth-power:Sloth-Power 46 3




when you ask Valve how many mercenaries TF2 has:

there are 10 classes right? 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!
just went ahead and put together every single image of the balloon family into 1 image, take a look  Balloon Family by balloonfuckboy
so... in my story, fnia deluxe, there is a certain group called the balloon family, this group exists of multiple different versions of balloon boy, here are the current members:
Kisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family (newest) by balloonfuckboyKisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family 2 by balloonfuckboyKisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family 3 by balloonfuckboyKisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family 4 by balloonfuckboy

we have: Enragement child *referred to as Dennis or Balloon boy in story*
Balloon babe *referred to as BB in the story*
Bidy *he's just called Bidy, but he is also known as Balloon man and he calls himself "the owner of Baby's Circus world"*
JJ *referred to as Jay in story, known as the enlightenment child, sister of the enragement child*
Rockstar BB *referred to as GG in story*
Nightmare Balloon babe *referred to as Nightmare Babe or NBB in story*
Ball girl *referred to as Pyra in story*
Brow gal *referred to as Brawla in story*
Havoc BB *referred to as Havoc in story*
Fnia JJ *referred to as JJ in the story*
Phantom BB *referred to as Phantom Babe in story*
Funtime BB *referred to as Fifi in story*
Xor *referred to as Shadow Deedee in story*
Deedee (child) *referred to as Deedee in story*
Deedee (adult) *referred to as F.Deedee in story, just Deedee in the future side story*
&__^^&( *referred to as Glitch/Reverse/Inverse BB in story*
Jack-o-BB *referred to as Jackie in story*
Golden BB *referred to as Enda in story*
shadow BB *referred to as Nara in Story*
Twisted BB *referred to as Bloody in story*
Inky *that's it... just Inky*
Fnaf 57 BB *referred to as Neptune in story*
Reaper BB *referred to as Grim in story*
Adventure BB *referred to as Aventa in story*
Molten BB *referred to as Mella in story*
Withered BB *referred to as Salvage in story, yes i know Directdoggo has a cat with the same name, hush!*
Adventure JJ *referred to as Jenny in story*
BB plush *referred to as Plushie in story*
G_BB *referred to as original name: G_BB*
and Jester BB *Referred to as Jesta in story*

and i wanted to show you the original versions of these character and tell from game they are. *if they have an original image i'll place it underneath their text *none of the images below this text are mine, except for GG, Jay, Jackie, &__^^&), and Fifi*
also, a list with the themes for every character can be found here:  battle themes of the balloon familynone of the songs here are mine, all credit goes to their rightful owners.
every member will eventually have a battle theme i think fits their character, so far i have:
Dennis (F*ckboys) *Enragement child* one enraged child
Jay (F*ckboy) *JJ* an Oasis of Blood from Skullgirls *placeholder*
Bidy (Baby's Nightmare Circus) *balloon man* Baby's Nightmare Circus Bike Fighter Boss theme *the true theme video has been found*
Pyra (Fnaf world) *Ball girl* Fnaf world adventure battle theme
Brawla (fnaf world) *Brow gal* Fnaf world boss theme: Melt Boss
Havoc (Dormitabis) *Havoc BB* new enemy 
Balloon babe (Fnia) *Fnia BB* none
Balloon Gal (Fnia) *Fnia JJ* Fearless fighter *Foxy fighters theme*
Noctra (Fnia) *Fnia nightmare BB* none
GG (Fnia Deluxe) *Rockstar BB* Virtual Star Embryology - Maki Kamiya
Spectra (Fnia) *phantom BB* none
FF *pronounced as Fifi* (Fnia) *Funtime BB* none
Deedee *Child* (Fnia Deluxe) *Present Deedee* none
Xor (Ultimate location/Fnia Deluxe) *Glitched/shadow Deedee*

Enragement child is from five nights at f*ckboys, he is the one who depicts me in the story, his battle theme is: one enraged child
Original:Enragement Child (FNAFB) by balloonfuckboyFinalbb by balloonfuckboy
Story: Kisekae 2 - Enragement child by balloonfuckboy

Jay is completely the opposite of the enragement child due to her being an angel, i designed her after the original JJ since JJ was not used in f*ckboys, she currently has a Placeholder theme. being: An Oasis of Blood from Skullgirls
Original design: JJ Memories by balloonfuckboystory: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Fallen JJ by balloonfuckboy

Balloon babe is made by Mairusu-Paua himself, due to her being depicted as "Seductive" i decided to make her a succubus, thinking it would fit her personality, and it does! i don't have a Battle theme for her yet
Original: Fnia   Balloon Boy  Balloon Babe  By Mairusu Paua- by balloonfuckboy fnia deluxe:Kisekae 2 - Fnia balloon Babe by balloonfuckboy

Bidy is from Baby's nightmare circus, he was an plastic animatronic meant as a welcoming voice for visitors, but turned out to be the mastermind behind the nightmarish versions of Baby and co. since he was able to change reality and him being a glitch in his game, i made him a reality warper.
his current theme is the Boss theme of Baby's nightmare Circus Bike Fighter *i've found a video with just the theme, so it's here now!!!*
originals: Bidy by balloonfuckboyNightmareBidy by balloonfuckboy 
story:Kisekae 2 - Bidy by balloonfuckboyKisekae 2 - Balloon Family Nightmare Bidy by balloonfuckboy

nightmare Babe was originally designed by ShadowCrafterz136 i made her fit in as Balloon Babe's older sister, she is a succubus, like BB, but from a higher level, BB is considered a the sin of lust and a succubus, but Nightmare Babe is considered a Super Lust and as a royal succubus *royal means working straight for Satan with benefits (not having to collect souls to keep your power)* i made her more seductive then BB due to her being a nightmare, who take things in a more aggressive way then the normal animetronics do.
i don't have a battle theme for her yet.
original: Fnia Anime Style Nightmare Balloon Babe Fnaf 4 By  by balloonfuckboy  story:Kisekae 2 - Fnia Nightmare BB by balloonfuckboy

GG was made as a rockstar version of BB *which doesn't exists in the cannon fnaf* i made her design so she'd look like a girl somewhere around the age of 20 who's always ready for a party, she got the power of sound manipulation, meaning she can use sound to turn into physical matter and use it as means of attacking, she always carries an object with her that makes sound. her battle theme is: Virtual Star Embryology - Maki Kamiya
Kisekae 2 - Fnia GG Rockstar BB by balloonfuckboy

Pyra is the ball girl *originally: Ball boy* from fnaf world, since she's a juggler, i though of a special ability that would make her fit into the family, then i came up with Pyromaniac, immunity to explosions and fire, and it worked quite well if i do say so myself, also, Pyra is a play on Pyro.
her battle theme is: Fnaf world adventure battle theme
Original:BallBoy by balloonfuckboy Pyra:Kisekae 2 - Fnia Ball Boy by balloonfuckboy

Brawla is the Brow gal *originally: Brow boy* from fnaf world, since she is a boss, she is a strong girl who mainly focuses on hand to hand combat, she always carries some sort of punching equipment with her, either it being Brass knuckles or boxing gloves, she doesn't care.
her theme is the Fnaf world boss theme: Melt Boss
Original: BrowBoy by balloonfuckboy Brawla:Kisekae 2 - Fnia Brow girl by balloonfuckboy

Havoc is originally from Dormitabis, he was an scrapped animatronic due to the lack of a decent model. he would act similar to how Molten evil now works in dormitabis, he gained the power to control Elements in any way he wants, i gave him this power to fit with his Havoc title. he can cause havoc with his powers. his battle theme is: Megatale: new enemy *newko's theme* (i always thought that theme filled me with fear and sadness when i listened to it while making the havoc characters in kisekae 2)
original: my boi Havoc BB got an Remastering!!! by balloonfuckboy Havoc: Kisekae 2 - Dormitabis Havoc BB (updated) by balloonfuckboy
Old: Havoc by balloonfuckboyKisekae 2 - Havoc BB *Dormitabis* by balloonfuckboy

Fnia JJ doesn't really have a real image made by Mairusu or any other known fnia artist, there is a rework of fnia BB to look like JJ made by Turner-J-Frost which i used to make her first model, but then i used combined it with her fnaf world design from foxy fighters and made the Fnia JJ i now have for my story, she doesn't have any special powers. she is very smart though *they say she is the smartest animatronic who originated from the Fnia universe* she can make and repair anything. due to not having powers, she uses ranged and melee based weapons more then anything else *aka: guns, electrocution, axe, slingshots, traps, ECT.* she is also a great pilot.
her theme is Fearless fighter *foxy fighters theme*
first original design: Fnia Jj By Turner J Frost-dabvf86 by balloonfuckboy used for later update:Jjjet by balloonfuckboy
story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia JJ 3rd anniversary by balloonfuckboy

Phantom BB was also not originally made by Anyone until Mairusu uploaded the Fnia UCN list where we got to see a bit of her, so i first gave her the whole "burned" design, using a bit of inspiration from ShadowCrafterz136's Phantom Animetronics, then later updated them and when i got to phantom BB, she changed the most, due to her being a phantom, she's stuck in that form, every other phantom got to know her secret, but she didn't care. her powers are spiritual attacks *her only way of attacking, can only damage the opponent's soul* and illusions.
fun fact: her clothing, it's not real, her original clothing burned down in a fire, so she uses her illusion power to let others think she's wearing clothes, while in reality, she's nude 24/7. 
i don't have a battle theme for her yet.
original: Five Nights In Anime 3 Bb S Design Updated  Teaser by balloonfuckboy Extra BB by balloonfuckboy

story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Phantom BB 3rd Anniversary by balloonfuckboy

Fifi was an fanmade BB made by me, she is supposed to be the funtime version of BB and she's supposed to be an support to the family regarding health rather then safety, she's an supporter, her powers is regeneration, healing, boosting powers, restoration, and she can revive people after having recently died, the revival only works if the body was killed in less then 24 hours, otherwise it won't have any effect.
she does not have a battle theme yet.
Original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Funtime BB (Fifi) by balloonfuckboy

&__^^&( is also known as Glitch BB, Inverse BB or reverse BB, she was originally an enemy in fnaf world going by the same name, she was a glitch made out of an Ball boy and an Chillax, her entire color scene is 
photo negative, the only thing regarding combat she can use is a basic claw attack *from her chillax* and the 4th wall attack *you know, that one attack that animdude used that could one shot almost any enemy that didn't get added in the Halloween update of fnaf world (bosses not counted) yea, that attack* she also is a minor antagonist in the story, posing a threat towards XOR and Bidy when Deedee turns into XOR for the first time *planning to insert that into an later part of the story*
her battle theme is the Inverse battle theme of FNaF World
original: GlitchEnemy by balloonfuckboy Story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Glitch BB (fnaf world reverse BB) by balloonfuckboy

next is Jackie *play on: Jack-o-lantern* Jackie is an BB with the power to control and manipulate fire, she can only be summoned if her ritual is performed during Halloween, if she dies after Halloween, she has to wait until next Halloween to be summoned again. despite technically being an nightmare animetronic, she is very calm and will always help out her family, she's also careful when near oil, Gas or Gasoline, due to her being afraid of igniting it when getting close. she was made by me and doesn't have a battle theme yet.
original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Jack-o-BB by balloonfuckboy

and now, the three forms of Deedee, starting of with the child version.
Deedee, in the story is the daughter of Dennis and Folla, she's an demon, but still has a tiny bit of angel inside *Dennis is an fallen angel, 50% demon, 50% angel, Deedee is 75% demon and 25% angel* she cannot control her powers at this age, only being able to grow wings and fly using them, when she tries to use her powers, she loses control and turns into XOR. she doesn't have a theme yet
original: Deedee by balloonfuckboy story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Playtime and Baldi by balloonfuckboy
*the newest version of the Deedee model for Fnia deluxe was used in this picture.*

XOR is a form that the child version of Deedee takes on when attempting to use her demonic powers, but because she can't control them, she turns into XOR, she gains the power to summon other entities and to revert things back to a previous state, however, this does come at a cost, she'll feel pain when using these abilities, and the longer/more she uses these powers, the more pain she feels, starting by what feels like a little sting from something like a safety pin, so feeling like she's drowning in boiling Magma. i don't have a battle theme for her yet.
original: ShadowDD by balloonfuckboy story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Glitched Deedee 3rd anniversary by balloonfuckboy

and finally, Deedee as an adult, in the future, an unknown entity travels to the fnia universe and causes chaos, turning creatures into abominations and killing off multiple members of the balloon family, Deedee, who has grown up in this timeline, gained full control over her power and is working together with the adult versions of Yin, Yang, and Playtime *Playtime and Deedee sat on the same school and are BFFS* the Follower, Waiter and Greeter from 123HMS have turned into their demon forms to aid Deedee in her mission to take down this unknown entity, her powers are the exact same as those of her father, but she does not use weapons, purely her powers. she also wears her father's broken seal band, hat and necklace as memorials. her battle theme which is shared with the adult versions of Yin and Yang *they are a fusion in this timeline called Yin-Yang* and Playtime is: what i'm made of, from sonic Heroes, it's also the main theme of the Refurbs in Fnafb
original by me (including Yin-Yang and playtime):Kisekae 2/Fnia Deluxe - survivors from the future by balloonfuckboy

Newer members:

Enda is a newer member of the balloon family, also known as Golden BB, she has the powers to transform herself and gain traits of multiple different animals, for example: she can give herself the horns of a bull, the shield of an armadillo, the teeth of an T-Rex, ect. she originates from a long time ago, being found as just an endoskeleton, until Dennis build her a new body which she was allowed to keep. she gets introduced around the same time as Nara.
her battle theme is Wiping all out from Persona 3 portable.
original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Enda (Golden BB) by balloonfuckboy

Nara is a newer member of the balloon family, also known as Shadow BB, she has a lot of mystery surrounding her, she is a mistress in black magic, knowing all sorts or spells and potions that can aid in battle, she mostly likes to stay in dim places, due to it "making her feel like herself" she also has the power to turn herself into a pitch black fog to travel through objects and creatures. people who stay in this fog for too long, get poisoned and die.
her theme is Bloody Destiny from Persona 1 PSP.
original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Nara (Shadow BB) by balloonfuckboy

Bloody is the fnia version of Twisted BB, she's a Bounty hunter for "Fun" and takes pride in her pray, but turned sides from being a antagonist to an protagonist after falling in love with Havoc, her power is more useful for hunting rather then combat, her powers are being capable of finding anything, if it's a scent, she can smell it from miles away, she can also detect heat and cold, but she can be a bit Crazy from time to time, she's still a Twisted Animetronic. she's also capable of carrying anything, no matter how heavy it might be
her battle theme is Master of Tartatus from Persona 3
Original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Twisted BB by balloonfuckboy

Inky is an Mysterious Searcher born in Joanne Drew's Studio's with the Help of the Ritual, once born, she was different from most searchers, while the normal ones are born as adults or Teens, Inky was born as a Baby, Sammy, the person who takes care of the lost ones and the searchers, took Inky and Treated her like her own daughter, once Deluxe Bendy came into the picture, she helped Inky unlock her true powers, Inky, however, had a free will, while the other corrupted searchers had to listen to their mistress. Inky has the power to have control over any kind of Liquid she is close too, and in Joanne's Studio, that's not a single problem.
Inky's theme is Gods and Glory from Hollow knight's Gods and Nightmares Album
Original: kisekae 2/Fnia OC -  Inky by balloonfuckboy

Neptune is the BB from Fnaf 57 Freddy in space, she was one of the people involved with Project PM-X's birth, her powers are astronomical *literally...*, much increased accuracy, mastering of laser gun use and gravity control. she is equipped with a combat knife and a laser pistol which are her main weapons, but she also has her astronomic powers if need be, she can call upon a star storm, she can create a small sun, defy gravity and she doesn't need to breathe *which is why she choose to become a space ranger* she works in a team together with Project PM-X *who sees Neptune as a mother* and space Ranger Freddy.
her battle theme is the Highway theme from Megaman ZXA, Overloaded
Original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Neptune by balloonfuckboy

Grim is quite unique, as he was created by Hellia instead of being born normally, he's the Reaper BB from Final nights 3 and final nights 4, 
his propellers are razor sharp blades, his arms are his most dangerous weapon, being capable of cutting though someone's skin with ease, he's very unnerving and makes it hard to sleep when around, and he can harvest souls of whoever he happens to cut with his claw.
he doesn't have a soul or an own will, being controlled by Hellia, but he does have a heart, meaning he feels horrible for all the things that Hellia makes him do, his wish? to be free...
the vessel used to create him was originally the prototype of Dennis' current body
his battle theme is 
東方Touhou [Orchestral/Traditional] Heian Alien
original: Balloon Boi Reaper by balloonfuckboyHighresScreenshot00115 by balloonfuckboystory: Kisekae 2 - FN3 and FN4 Reaper BB by balloonfuckboy

Adventure BB is a special girl, she's very energetic and love to explore, go out on adventure and discover or find new things. she 
is quite capable of taking care of herself. while her attacks seems weak, they are much more dangerous then one might think, her balloons attack especially... the green balloons are filled with poisonous gas, the yellow ones with a flesh eating parasite *she's an android, no problems for her* the blue ones are filled with extremely strong super glue, and the red ones are explosive. if her balloons won't work, she'll try to overwhelm you with Munchies and Boiling Hot Cheese.  her goal is to discover the make the biggest discovery anyone ever made.
her battle theme is Snowpier, the Challenger theme from Fnaf world.
Original: Bb-s by balloonfuckboy Story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Adventure BB by balloonfuckboy

Molten BB is a special case, she was at first just as damaged as any other scrap or molten animatronic, but 
Molten BB isn't as "Molten" as people might think, she managed to a truck that happened to have brand new animatronic parts inside, so she stole about two boxes worth of parts and rebuilt herself with those, she has the power of bending any kind of metal, as well as melting any kind of metal with ease, she's heat resistant, and is immune to Magma. she can make for some fun moments due to most characters in the story being either robots or Androids. her armor is made out of pure metal
her battle theme is 
Akineko Oppression: (Cave Story VS. Core Remix)
original: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Molten BB by balloonfuckboy

Salvage is also known as Withered BB, her withered state caused her systems to malfunction, allowing her to freely flow electricity through her body (note: if she asks you for some "fun" either wear a rubber suit or be immune to electrocution as Shock danger is involved) she still has similar powers as her classic form, yet she uses her succubus abilities less, due to her knowing that she's not as hot and cute then she used to be, she now focuses more on using electrician for attacking. her design is inspired from BB's design in DSAF 3.
i don't have a battle theme for her yet.
Original: IMG bb inter by balloonfuckboy story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Withered BB by balloonfuckboy

Jenny, otherwise known as Adventure JJ, is very similar to her sister Aventa, though Jenny is a bit smarter and more of a setup attack kinda character. her standard attacks are Balloons, unscrew and Poppers! she's energetic and loves to discover new things, still wishes a reduction in breast size...
her battle theme is the same as her sister, 
Snowpier, the Challenger theme from Fnaf world.
original: Jj by balloonfuckboystory: Kisekae 2 - Fnia Adventure JJ by balloonfuckboy

BB plush is not really that much of a fighter... she's a plushie that somehow gained life, now she's nearly human, pretty much the same as Classic BB, but she's way smaller, way cuter, isn't a succubus, wears stockings and loves hugs. very good at hide 'n seek.
since she doesn't fight, she doesn't have a battle theme.
Story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia BB Plush by balloonfuckboy Original: pretty much a smol Balloon Babe ;3

G_BB is a mysterious character, not much is known about her, people that tried to sta- *take 2* observe her, all ended up suffering from seizures, they said that it was as if they were looking at a laser show... her powers are unknown as of now... (note: 
don't look directly at her, she's known to cause Seizures...) her world of origin is Final nights 2, her cloths being multi colored is due to her rapid color changing.
she doesn't have a battle theme yet.
Original: Screenshot (3) by balloonfuckboy Story: Kisekae 2 - Fnia G BB by balloonfuckboy

Jesta is also known as Jester BB or Circus BB, 
she's a Jester that doesn't belong to any specific fan-game, her name is just a word play on Jester, and she's a circus performer, to fit the whole "Joker" theme, she wears 4 hair clips, one of a clover, one of a spade, one of a heart and one of a Diamond, she's also colored in the colors of those 4, red, green, blue and yellow! her weapon is a magic wand, her source of power is fun and she's an antagonist! yep, not an good girl, bad girl, she's a spy for a future enemy (not Hellia, the person she works for as a spy wants Hellia (aftermath) dead)
her theme is Joker/The World revolving from Deltarune, Jevil's theme
Story:Kisekae 2 - Fnia Jesta by balloonfuckboy

origins of the balloon family
Updates: new characters get added after submitted on DA
Update 2: added better images for Dennis, Pyra, Bidy, Brawla, BB, Noctra, and GG

fnia is owned by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
Kisekae 2 models by :iconballoonfuckboy: balloonfuckboy me
Fnaf is owned by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon
the credit for the non-kisekae 2 images that are used in this list go to their rightful owners.

i wanted to make a list of origins regarding the balloon family, here you'll find the origins, powers and a bit of information about the members of the balloon family, as well as their Very Original designs. there is also a link to music i think fits for certain characters their battle themes!

*you can click on the images in the list to get a better view*
Kisekae 2 Fnia Deluxe - Balloon family (newest)
Fnia is owned by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
original designs of Fnia Rockstar BB *GG*, Ball girl *Pyra* and Brow Girl *Brawla*by :iconballoonfuckboy: me
Fnia Deluxe is also owned by me
Original design of Fnia Nightmare babe by :iconshadowcrafterz136: ShadowCrafterz136 
Fnia is a Parody of Fnaf by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon
Dormitabis is owned by Havoc Freddy Chat Icon Blackout1912
Five nights at f*ckboys is made by Sable Lynn and joshua Shaw (sorry, no Icon)
Bidy is from Fnaf Baby's Nightmare Circus by Mixlas on Gamejolt (no icon, sorry...)

yes, the third time i made this, i edited quite a bit for the family, i've changed Pyra, Bidy, BB, Nightmare BB and GG. (Bidy has a better hat, Pyra has a better hat, a hairpin and 2 flintstone rings around her arms, BB wears a necklace and has a better hat, as well as better hair and eyes and she wears stockings now. Nightmare BB also has a necklace, Better hat and hair, she's also taller. and GG has a better hat as well)
there are solo images of the family which ya'll can find here later:

codes are available for every character except me. just send me an note and make sure to give credit.
fun fact, Hellia and Inferna are of the same Species, but don't have the same Genes. Hellia was adopted into Inferna's Family and Inferna was told that Hellia was her lost twin sister, while in reality, Hellia was an orphan. the two saw one another as sisters really quickly, despite not being related by blood.
Kisekae 2 - Fnia Bendy's design updates
Fnia is owned by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
Deluxe Bendy is owned by :iconballoonfuckboy: balloonfuckboy me i also made the models
Fusion bendy is owned by :iconshadowcrafterz136: ShadowCrafterz136 and :iconbunliy: Bunliy  / :iconoiiku: Oiiku 
Ink Bendy was originally just the standard fnia Bendy by Mairusu
BATIM is owned by Boi TheMeatly 
Fnia is a parody of Fnaf by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon

three Bendy's who've gotten a update in design, first Ink Bendy, she looks the most different from before, looking like the original Fnia Bendy. then Deluxe Bendy, who got a slight Color change and a change of her bow-tie. and finally Fusion Bendy, she got a slight color change as well, and a change in bow-ties as well. her hair changed the most.

all three codes are available, if you want a specific one, just mention it in the note.

so... since there is no Comic to show how they changed, i'll tell it here.
Ink Bendy: she is just the standard Bendy from before, but they have different Personality, so she didn't know Bendy's Appearance changed.

Fusion Bendy: the Butcher Gang tried pulling a prank on her by throwing a buckets of ink on both the halves of Fusion Bendy (SCZ136's Bendy and Bunliy's Bendy) but that caused them to change in appearance, but they didn't realize until they fused.

Deluxe Bendy: she was performing a Ritual to contact her lord, but all that happened was her appearance changing, she claims to be "Blessed by a Succubus" but she's ashamed of it since she prefers to look dangerous and not attractive.
1 by balloonfuckboy
*Joanne... what are you doing?*

2 by balloonfuckboy
*Ink Bucket tied to rope trap?*

3 by balloonfuckboy
*well... Bendy is covered in ink now...*

4 by balloonfuckboy
*oh nice! Bendy looks better!*

5 by balloonfuckboy
*Bendy sees her new look!*

6 by balloonfuckboy
*both Bendy and Joanne seem to love it!*

The End

Fnia Bendy's Design by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
Fnia Joanne Drew's Design by :iconshadowcrafterz136: ShadowCrafterz136 
7 deviations
i came up with inspiration for a new Deluxe character, i'm working on her now!
Favorite Smash Ultimate music? Mine is Gangplank Galleon
i'll be going for now, tomorrow i won't be active for that long due to my grandma's birthday. so don't expect much from me tomorrow unless it's in the evening (for me)
what is your favorite types of shooting object in games you've ever seen (this goes for Guns, Finger pellets *cuphead* boomerangs, Ect.) mine are bow and arrows, since i like archery
Kisekae 2 - FNAFB Phantom BB
Fnia Deluxe is owned by :iconballoonfuckboy: balloonfuckboy  me
Five nights at f*ckboys is made by Sable Lynn and joshua Shaw (sorry, no Icon)
Fnaf is owned by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon

hey, something unrelated to Fnia for once (well... sorta...) he's the Phantom version of me in Fnia Deluxe, and to clarify, me and him are two different entities, two separate beings, he wields a phantom Halberd that can cut souls and double act as a Sniper Rifle (don't ask how) he's also, unlike me, not a fallen Angel. he's in love with Jesta and the adoptive father towards Inferna. he's a Mercenary.
Kisekae 2 - Fnia Inferna
Fnia is owned by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
original design by :iconballoonfuckboy: balloonfuckboy *me*
Fnia is a Parody of Fnaf by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon

here's an new OC I've recently made, her name is Inferna, she's Hellia's Twin Sister, she's of the exact same species and has powers of opening gates to hell, she can summon demons at will and also has a huge of Demonic energy herself. she's a very strong opponent, but all she wants is her sister back. she is adopted by Denny and Jesta (who are in love with one another)

her code is available, just send me an note and make sure to give credit
Kisekae 2 - Fnia Deluxe Mercenaries
Fnia is owned by :iconmairusu-paua: Mairusu-Paua 
Fnia Deluxe is owned by :iconballoonfuckboy: balloonfuckboy me
Fnaf is owned by Scott Cawthon Running (TINPB) Scott Cawthon

three Mercenaries that are also part of the balloon family (the middle one not 100% as she was adopted.) but these are three balloon members that are a separate group of members that earn their money by Bounty hunting, AKA: they murder for cash, that's how they work.

their group currently consists of:
Jesta: the Jester BB OC i once made. a Chaos Jester
Inferna: the Twin sister of Hellia, she is capable of switching between True Demoness form and Aftermath form. (i'll upload both her and her adoptive father soon)
and Denny: my Phantom self from another timeline, wielding a Phantom Halberd  that can also shoot bullets (don't ask how, it's complicated, but it also acts as a Rifle, that's the short version)
Kisekae 2 - Fnia BATIM Flooded Room by balloonfuckboy
*Empty room huh?*

1 by balloonfuckboy
*oh, there's Alison (Pendle) Angel!*

2 by balloonfuckboy
*and in the Ink Flood she falls...*

3 by balloonfuckboy
*Tammy (Fnia Thomas/Tom Conner is called Tam/Tammy Conner by me) makes an epic entrance*

4 by balloonfuckboy
*10/10 landing*

5 by balloonfuckboy
*she stood up and noticed Alison being stuck...*

6 by balloonfuckboy
*this image speaks for itself...*

7 by balloonfuckboy
*don't worry, Alison is safe thanks to Tam!*

8 by balloonfuckboy
*thanks indeed Tam, you saved everyone's favorite Angel!*

9 by balloonfuckboy
*Tam: 'No Problem Ali!'*
*what's wrong Alice?*

10 by balloonfuckboy
*Tam: what do you mean?*
*you do look different Alison~*

11 by balloonfuckboy
*see, even the hands in the Ink Flood agree! (Those are like that Giant hand in chapter 5, but only smaller)*
*Tam notices hand*

12 by balloonfuckboy
*Tam lets the hand know to leave*
*Alison seems to like her new look!*

13 by balloonfuckboy
*oh look, the other, Less Attractive angel, Suzy (Campbell) Angel, she seems different as well...*

14 by balloonfuckboy
*wait... how did you heal yourself using ink... oh... Ink Converter in the room... you used your last breath to draw a heart on the wheel, put Brute Boris' ink inside and created a working heart to replace your old one?*
*Suzy: yes*

15 by balloonfuckboy
*Well... At least you're happy...*




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if you would be able to hug 1 FNIA Character (any FNIA character, even fan-made *check the Group to look around and think... 5NightsInAnime * hug can be in any way, just no Sex related hugging. keep it SFW) who would you pick?

i'd pick Golden Freddy probably... more specifically the one from Fnia Deluxe, she's nice and sleepy which makes her adorable to me!
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