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*sigh* idk anymore
So Today i made one art thats all cute etc. but the next thing i know it i already see that Negative comment "Oh god please but mature filter this disgusting fetish art" "please mature filter no one wants to see your nasty ass fetish art" "Oh god fetish art its disgusting' Well you know whats disgusting YOUR ATTITUDE Not everyone in the god damn universe will do what you'll ask Some times you need to mind your fucking business and leave me alone. I dont care what you want me to do and im not your Daughter and your not my parent, People can do as they please. And if they want to mature filter they're art cause it might be nsfw then they will and i have no nsfw content all my art is sfw content got it ugh just seeing people saying shit should just leave the person alone including me =_=

Contest by CheysMisadventures

Hello Everyone today i'm holding a contest til Nov 3 2018

For this contest each of you will draw My Oc's shown here

 Scarf by CheysMisadventureshuntress Chey returned from hiatus by CheysMisadventuresGenderfluid flag pride by CheysMisadventuresLesbian flag pride by CheysMisadventures

One winner will get a free Commission

2nd place will get point commission

3rd will get Request

This contest will go on til Nov 3 2018 So do your best and have fun It doesnt matter how my character are made it can be normal or minecraft vision


So do your best and have fun

(Whos in)

my friend left and thats that
I fail at being funny 😭😭
Ill just be idiot who remains unfunny

So as you all remember i started off with minecraft artstyle well, i am bringing it back i still suck at body anatomy for my art but i'm still doing that just not as often. But i wanna tell you that i miss doing minecraft art style and i wanna keep practicing on the anatomy So anyways ill be continuing the art style til i get better at it thank you for listening.


Así que, como todos ustedes recuerdan, empecé con minecraft artstyle bien, lo estoy devolviendo. Todavía apestaba a la anatomía del cuerpo para mi arte, pero todavía lo hago con la misma frecuencia. Pero quiero decirte que echo de menos el estilo de arte de Minecraft y quiero seguir practicando sobre la anatomía. De todos modos continuaré el estilo de arte hasta que me haga mejor gracias por escuchar.


Donc, comme vous vous en souvenez tous, je me suis bien débrouillé avec minecraft artstyle. Mais je veux vous dire que manquer de style art minecraft et que je veux continuer à pratiquer l'anatomie Alors, de toute façon, continuez le style artistique jusqu'à ce que je m'améliore, merci pour l'écoute.


Так что, как вы все помните, я начал с мастер-стиля minecraft, я возвращаю его, я все еще сосать анатомию тела для своего искусства, но я все еще делаю это не так часто. Но я хочу сказать вам, что я скучаю по стилю minecraft, и я хочу продолжать практиковать анатомию. Так или иначе, больно продолжать художественный стиль, пока я не получу его лучше, спасибо за прослушивание.
just the feeling losing a tiny innocence that died from a illness...... 

Title says all its not east with a mouse you have to use :/

i didnt know she suffered from a stroke
I died of cuteness level
Idk I think im going to do cherry inflation. I feel like im more founded with cherry inflation idk :\
uuugh i hate it =~=
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If i can get this stupid computer to work =-=