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The design hub is OPEN with the following limits:

You may post a maximum of 3 designs/updates a week, with a maximum of 12 comments per month, per userAfter the maximum is reached you must wait until the following month to post additional designs.

The Equus Ballator Design Hub

This is a design bank for the EquusBallator HARPG group. Posted here are a all of the approved "foal" designs for every horse bred in our group and designed to our breed standards. You may currently notice this image repeated throughout the gallery:
ID 000 by BallatorDesignAdmin
This is a placeholder plaque until the older, approved designs can be transferred to the NEW LINES. Some of the placeholder plaques also have no information; they may only say "INFO COMING SOON." These plaques will be filled out as quickly as possible, but this can be expedited by transferring your design to the new lines and submitting them to the comment chain HERE. Plaque updates for older horses are not mandatory, but they are encouraged!

A NOTICE FOR OUR FRONT PAGE: If you are going to comment as to why the same image is repeated throughout the gallery, please read the information above. Please DO NOT comment on this front page. If you have any questions, please note us. Help us keep our page clean, thank you! 

How to Submit Your Design From a Breeding

All designs must be submitted on our official templates, which you can find here:
Export Lines -- PNG lines (OUTDATED)

When you are done designing your horse, please

While designing, keep in mind the rules regarding the lines:
  • Do not add any scars, blind eyes, etc, unless the breeding note explicitly states that your Ballator has those traits. For horses who have bodily mutilations, do not alter the lines. When you register your horse, you may draw the horse as you wish.
  • You are allowed to color the lineart, but it still must always be visible against the horse. You may add a halo around your horse, but this halo must be transparent.
  • You are allowed to add a pupil to the eye, as well as eye shine (though the sheets have this already)
  • You are not allowed to erase any part of the lineart unless a horn is going over that area.
  • Do not draw or add on any inbreeding/crossbreeding defects onto the lineart.
  • Horns must be drawn on the area they will grow on the horse; the only exception is any horn that is covered by the mane lineart/color. You may then draw the horn off to the side with an indicator of where it goes.
  • You are not allowed to flip the horse; it must remain facing left.
  • Do not write on the the import/export sheet.
  • If you are designing a cross, note that only the officially 'Safe' crosses have lineart. For any other cross, you must choose which type your crossed Ballator resembles and put it on those lines. You can put the horse on a different background; for example, a Mountain x Desert cross can have mountain lines on the desert background. For Cave x Jungle Lilliputs, please only use the jungle lilliput background!
  • If you want to draw your horse's other side, you can either copy the lineart and paste it, resize it to fit between the horse and the headshot and do it there, OR you can upload the other side as a separate file and link it in the form.

Steps for submitting your design:
  • Upload the design into your Do not upload it into your gallery. Once it is in your, use this form to fill out all of your information. 
  • Be sure to select everything between the '***'s, including the credits and the Ballator group icon!
  • Please remove the information in parenthesis as you fill out the form.

ID: (ID number you are given at breeding)
Breeding Note: Link (link your note here)

Type: (Type of Ballator; Mountain/ Liliput/ Asiatics need body type and/ or subspecies)
Phenotype: (Copy and paste from the breeding note)
Genotype: (Copy and paste from the breeding note)
Horn HEX: (How to get a Hex Code)

Lineage: (DO NOT use any other template other than this one. Use only ID numbers, and link the ancestor's official imports in the BallatorDesignAdmin account if possible)
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Designer: (who has designed this EB)

Template © EquusBallator Group
Background/Horse by Fargonon 

Once you have filled out the form and placed it in your horse's stash file's description, it is time to post your file below on this comment thread and wait for an admin to approve it. Post your stash file, and above the file in the comment write "Breeding".

If there is an issue with your design or your form, you will receive a comment in your file on the problem. You will need to update and/or re-upload the file and let the admin know by commenting back. Please do not re-post your design to the hub below.

Things to remember:
  • Do not submit more than 3 designs at one time in your comment; you are free to update as many designs as you wish, but don't add more than 3 horses at once in a single submissions comment.
  • Do not upload the sheet into your gallery.
  • Do not submit another member's Ballator; owners, not designers, are the ones to submit here.
  • Do not delete your stash file until it has been approved and put into the BallatorDesignAdmin account.
  • As soon as your design is uploaded into that account, you are ready to register!
  • Please remember, DO NOT COMMENT ON THE IMPORT SHEETS. If you wish to show your appreciation for a design, simply Fave it. Admins will add all comments onto the sheet, so please do not comment on them.

Still confused? Please see our visual guide HERE. (Coming Soon!)

How to Submit an Old Design on the New Lines

Horses that are either from the 'old group', have a missing design, or a design that is on an older group import sheet (from the old group, not this one) are to be updated with the new lines at the owner's leisure. You may find your horse's ID and imfortmation in the BallatorDesignAdmin account with a plaque in place of the design; the plaque will either say Design Lost or Needs Updating. In those imports, there will be linked either an Earliest design or a Old import sheet. With 'Earliest Designs,' there may be a link to a registration note where changes to the design were asked for. Do not add any gifts/curses gained from the Highlords unless they are directly inheritable, such as extra horns, backmanes, etc. If you would like to upload your horse's current design with inheritable highlord gifts, you must also supply a link or file to the horse's official (meaning on an EB template) design. Please follow the steps in 'Applying a Skinchanger' above to learn more.

In the case of lost designs, locate your horse's reference. If it is registered already, you have the green light to go ahead and transfer the design onto the new lines, and follow the steps for submitting above, however in your file, link the horse's reference. This was we can check the current and past designs. You are NOT permitted to edit the design in any way. Above your file in your submission comment, write "Lost design."

In the case of a design that needs an 'update,' this simply means that the horse is on an import sheet from the old group (if your horse is on a sheet that has an auctionhouse type background, do not transfer it to the new lines as we need to be able to distinguish starters at a glance) and needs to be on the new ones. Simply re-draw your horse on the new lines and submit it below; above your file in the comments write "Update."

Here is an example of proper commenting:
Willow Example by BallatorDesignAdmin

Once your EB is uploaded into the design account, you are ready to register.

Still confused? Please see our visual guide HERE. (Coming Soon!)

Applying or Uploading Skinchangers and Similar Items

Any horse who receives a Skinchanger after its design has been accepted will have it's old image replaced with a design of the change and the Old design will be linked in the description.

This also applies to horses who have had the Mutante Calvaria item equipped to an already designed horse.

If you are skinchanging an Official Import:
Members may not design it on the Import Lines unless the Admin who designed the import gave you the PSD at time of order completion; the PSD should contain a layer called 'MEMBER BG/BACKGROUND' or similar which you are to use as the Background for the re-designed import. If your PSD did not come with said member background, but you have the main file, you may re-design your starter on the lines and the member BG will be given to you upon review.
Members may not re-distribute this background or use it on any other import other than the one it was in the file with. Any member found doing this may face a warning.

If your horse has previously had a Skinchanger but does not have an import image/has a plaque as it's image, there are a few steps to follow.
    - All old designs which are replaced by any type of skinchanger are uploaded into the BallatorDesignAdmin account. You have two options in this case:
  1. You may draw the horse's initial foal design on the export (foal) lines and upload it to, using the correct horse information form above in the 'Steps for Submitting a Design' section. Then you must comment on the Design Approval thread (linked at the top of this journal) with "Skinchanger Application" along with your skinchanger approval and design links. Do not draw the design if it is on an official import sheet; if your horse has an older import sheet, just link that along with your Skinchanger approval and design links. Please remember to take any changes asked for during registration of old group horses into account.

  2. You can forgo the previous option and simply link the horse's initial foal design for admins to upload. 
  3. If the only official design is seen on an old reference image, you as the horse's owner must get written consent from the designer of the horse for it to be uploaded to the BDA, unless you are the designer of course. This does not apply to group imports; you do not need to ask the designer for permission on Imports. If your horse has an old import image, simply link it along with your skinchanger approval link and design link. Once you get written consent, please screenshot it or link it in your comment on the design hub, comment on the Design Approval thread (linked at the top of this journal) with "Skinchanger Application," along with the horse's current export image (if it has one), skinchanger approval link, and design link. Please remember to take any changes asked for during registration of old group horses into account.

The following are previous or current admins who have given written consent to the EB group that uploading their designs is okay and you 
do not need to ask them:

Fargonon | Pony-Bones | Skellri | MoxieMysteries | Kaons | Winzer | ChiibiNess | BrynLison | AstroPonies

If you wish to let the EB community know if you give consent to members to submit your designs for upload, feel free to make a journal that members can link easily when commenting. 

Correct Commenting for Skinchangers Example:
Skinchanger Application by BallatorDesignAdmin
**Note that those who are uploading re-drawn foal designs on the export lines or people applying Skinchangers to horses who already have an export/import image to not need to provide a Consent link.**

If you are applying Skinchanger to a horse who already has an export/import image uploaded into the BallatorDesignAdmin account, link your horse's import image and proof of purchase link, Skinchanger design image link, and in the description please indicate what you have changed. Then you must comment on the Design Approval thread (linked at the top of this journal) with "Skinchanger Application." If your horse does not yet have an import image and you are applying a skinchanger, please see the section above.

Still confused? Please see our visual guide HERE. (Coming Soon!)

© 2017 - 2021 BallatorDesignAdmin
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Wookadile's avatar
Not sure if you can do anything about this. I am aware of the wait times but I submitted 2 designs, which were reviewed, had to be fixed. I fixed them and re-commented but they were never accepted. It has been 16 days, since my reply of them being fixed? ID 3610 ID 8742
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar

Hey there! We will take care of this for you, apologies for the inconvenience!

Sebartiee's avatar

It was mentioned previously (some comments back) that the estimated wait time is 1 week but I’m seeing designs that have been witting without comments since the beginning of january. Im super eager to get my approved, what’s the new wait time?

BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar
Hey there! The current turn around time is always listed on the front page of the EquusBallator group and I have screenshot it for you HERE.

We understand and love your enthusiasm but also appreciate your patience and understanding. :)
Sebartiee's avatar
Thanks so much! I appreciate the response 💕
kookadile's avatar
Hello! i was wondering when the lines for the equus will come back up? its been a couple days or so and i need to get this equus done soon, (im pretty excited). although it says it will only be a couple hours. just wondering <3
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar
Hey hon - the lines have been up since day 5 of the advent, when the new lines were released! :) They are in the Export lines folder, linked above!
kookadile's avatar
Ohh ok it says that they’re down for maintenance but idk if I clicked on the right folder, thanks
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar - This is the new file for the PSDs with the new edits! - These are the outdated PNGs - we do not have all of the PNGs updated yet! From the Advent:

" PNGs featuring the new headshots will be updated slowly as we find time (there are over 70 PNGs to update!) Please use the PNG images of the seperated headshots until all the PNGs are updated.
New Headshots cannot be added to already existing plaque images as updates; only if you are making design changes can you add the new headshots.
We hope you enjoy!"

I hope that helps!
kookadile's avatar
It does thanks! I kept clicking on the wrong one 😂 worry for the inconvenience 
pancakebossart101's avatar
if my horse got a mane mutation through highlords, does that need to be added to the design plaque?
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar
Very late reply, but Yes it does! Before a gift can be confirmed completely it must be on the plaque.
totalrandomusername's avatar
Hello! I just wanted to check if I understood something correctly because I'm not sure I fully understood everything Sweating a little... 
One of my horses recently gained two Aether gifts, "Hyalus" and "Add 2 hornsets". The hornsets are breedable traits, so I'd have to update her plaque ID image with them, but for the hyalus I'd need to upload the design with the hyalus to my stash and then that will be linked under the appearance comment on my horse's plaque correct?

I hope my question was clear and thank you in advance for your answer :)
Fargonon's avatar
FOr hyalus, since it's a small gift, you can create one plaque image with the new horns and hyalus as well to be uploaded! Make sure you do so at the Highlord Hub though! :D
totalrandomusername's avatar
Thank you for the quick response!
AywenSix's avatar
If I wish to fix this guy mismark on the face 2846 | Foal for me by AywenSix
with a skinchanger, will this force me to update his hyracotere look to the new archetain standard too? (I'd like to keep the current design)
Zugunruhes's avatar
You can keep the hyracothere!
bopsie's avatar
Do you guys still use the foal line art? If not is there a PSD. form of the mountianxforest cross mare?
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar
We do not accept or use the old foal lines, no! There are PNGs of the mountain x forest cross mare lines here but no PSD version at this time. 
Wookadile's avatar
Sorry for commenting again but I submitted this breeding design on the 15th of December and its now January 11th and it has not been commented or accepted, could someone maybe look at it. Thanks in advance 
0Luna123's avatar
I need my girl uploaded, where I can go the add her to the design account?
Plains Psd By Equusballatorsociety-dbt6dp7 by 0Luna123
BallatorDesignAdmin's avatar
Follow the link at the top of this page that says 'Post your design here' and reply to the comment there, please!
0Luna123's avatar
Thanks a bunch!
Wookadile's avatar
Hey there, I am really sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but i submitted a Breeding design almost a week ago (6 days). I am not sure if the breeding area is backed up or if my design was not submitted correctly but I have not received any correspondence yet to approve or ask my design to be changed.  I am really sorry if i am just being impatient but I am unsure whether it is just taking some extra time or i have done something wrong. My horse does not have an ID number either in the design admin area. This is her, ID 6769 - Elafri fengri any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Again sorry, i am so dumb at times :D
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