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BallatorDesignAdmin is an ancillary account for the Equus Ballator group. We are currently in the process of transitioning our major systems over to our new website so we can continue to grow beyond DeviantART's set up, however, we are NOT leaving DeviantART! Please Note the Group if there are any questions!


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 - If you are going to comment as to why the same image is repeated throughout the gallery, please read the information above. -
Please DO NOT comment on this front page.
This is the horse database for EquusBallator. If you have any questions, please note us. Help us keep our page clean, thank you! 
Why is the entire Gallery the same thing?
It's a database for the EquusBallator group, all the identical plaques will eventually have pictures of the horse itself, such as this one!
ID 002 by BallatorDesignAdmin
Well you have a lot of updating and drawing to do then.
It's the members job to draw thier horses,but yes we will be busy!