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I`m drawing again and this time its adult coloring pages!

If you would like to color this page and sheer it please:
- credit lineart artist (Martyna Wisneiwska Michalak. http*//
- put a link back to original drawing in your upload (
- do not edit
- you may post it colored anywhere you like
- if you`ll decide to color- comment, as its nice to know that you like it
- you can add this to pinterest, facebook, devantart, tumblr and other places as long as you keep the credits

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ShinVonNibelung's avatar
Welcome back, Alice ... you're one of the first artists I started following on deviantart years and years and years ago! I'm glad you're back!
Radittz's avatar
Ty żyjesz! O_O
Cieszę się, że wciąż rysujesz, od razu rozpoznałam Twoją kreskę - jest nie do podrobienia :)
ball-jointed-Alice's avatar
zyje zyje, choc powrot na powierzchnie troche mi zaja