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Rising Hope by balint4 Rising Hope :iconbalint4:balint4 55 11 Eden: The Tree of Souls - V2 by balint4 Eden: The Tree of Souls - V2 :iconbalint4:balint4 3,276 173 Eden: The Tree of Souls by balint4 Eden: The Tree of Souls :iconbalint4:balint4 204 23 Genji Shimada - Overwatch by balint4 Genji Shimada - Overwatch :iconbalint4:balint4 43 7 Living Our Dreams by balint4 Living Our Dreams :iconbalint4:balint4 119 7 The Water of Life by balint4 The Water of Life :iconbalint4:balint4 470 118 Legends of the Pirates by balint4 Legends of the Pirates :iconbalint4:balint4 240 51 Save the Earth by balint4 Save the Earth :iconbalint4:balint4 22 14 Be by balint4 Be :iconbalint4:balint4 28 6 A Great Journey: The Beginnings 2160p by balint4 A Great Journey: The Beginnings 2160p :iconbalint4:balint4 81 38 Ship in bottle V1 UPDATED by balint4 Ship in bottle V1 UPDATED :iconbalint4:balint4 23 10 Iron Man by balint4 Iron Man :iconbalint4:balint4 19 3 We survived 2012 by balint4 We survived 2012 :iconbalint4:balint4 18 7 Vaas Montenegro test painting by balint4 Vaas Montenegro test painting :iconbalint4:balint4 9 4 End of New York by balint4 End of New York :iconbalint4:balint4 20 13 Mysterious Village by balint4 Mysterious Village :iconbalint4:balint4 45 11


Trees #3
Lets start with my most favourite tree
in Western Canada
by me 

Enjoy more awesome tree art from my favourites folder of trees

     Stand and Fall by 2BORN02B Resistance by heyday93    
Tree-Hugger by TeaPhotography Everything Changes by coby01 Fractalblossomtree by coby01
6[1] by 25kartinok h0meGrown 5ouL 1.4 by mekhz
A TREE FOR YOU ALL.... by Tigles1Artistry 
:icongigi50:gigi50 11 38
Suggesting DDs 1: Perception and Preference
Hello deviants!
I want to talk to you about a branch of DeviantArt that is called Community Relations. This is the home of the Community Volunteers, who are deviants that have been chosen to moderate and oversee the various galleries of DeviantArt, and/or the Chats and Forums. These individuals are handpicked by Moonbeam13 and are the individuals tasked with selecting works for a daily feature known as Daily Deviations, seen here.
Note: You know that a deviation (a work uploaded to DeviantArt) has a Daily Deviation when it has the following tacked just above the comments section:
After the DDSuggestionDrive in January, I got to thinking about what I look for when I suggest DDs. I have had over 150 pieces from various gallery featured by various community volunteers, and have suggested countless more, and while CVs have their personal guidelines (what they look for when it co
:iconrtnightmare:RTNightmare 62 14
My top 10 favorite photomanipulations of 2017!
Here are some of my most favorite photomanipulations I've discovered that were created this year - the best of the best, along with my reasons why I've chosen them :) I've limited it to 10, it was quite difficult!

Book Harvest
I loved this piece since I first saw it, not just because I am a book lover, but I love the whole mood and colors and lighting. I love how some of the books are in baskets, like the character is harvesting books. Such a cute & creative concept!

Be careful little eyes
I love this concept, brings about awareness to how toxic television can be for little children. Brilliant work that makes you think.

I love how this takes you into the imaginations of two different people. The starry background really makes this stand out as well as the colors. Very beautiful work!

Don't give up
I love the message in this one, showing how
:iconcindywoo:cindywoo 5 18
Watchers features 70
  Hellooo w00t!    
                                Like every week here my watchers features that leave their THUMB in the pool, remember all thumbs are featured, i don't reject any type of art in this area :) (Smile) And also Like every week here a small feature to the one who use my resources!
Thank you so much to all the active watchers, the ones that always leave lovely comments, favs and llamas Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
As i always say, you are the reason why i keep coming back I love deviantART!      
:iconstarscoldnight:StarsColdNight 18 22
Weekend Feature, dammit it's cold!
Yeah yeah, made no sense with the title, but it really is cold over here all of a sudden. :p
So.. finally managed to go through most of my photomanipulation stacks, still a few to go but most done so here's a little feature for all. Since there was a lot I wanted to feature and I feel like very large features kinda get the viewer's attention lost, I divided it between vertical and horizontal/square artworks. The latter first, the rest you can expect to see in a few days. Get ready for some photomanipulation excellence!
I still do have about 60 comments to answer and over 100 journals to check... I'll get there some day. xD
But now...
Feature Time!
:iconrowye:Rowye 25 50
Photomanip DD Round Up - October 2017

Dancing between dreams - Second DD! by SecretDarTiste The Winter's Tale by anais-anais61
Here Kitty Kitty II by deathbycanon No Place Like Home by jasmine-autumn
Fae's Bottle by Amanda-Kulp Get Them! by Vilk42
Mermaid by Malinka-art Colorful Prison by mohamadrabie
Pilot girl by MateuszMajewski I'm Ok by JayGraphixx
Bloodrose by Digitalzauber Sacred Peaks by Pyrogas-Artworks
Corrosion by ReyeD33 The dead rider by ultradialectics
A M N I X I E L by stardock lost World by Lotta-Lotos
Exposed! by danieloooo Sea Ranger by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Eden: The Tree of Souls - V2 by balint4 Awake by t1na
:icongejda:Gejda 25 25
Space Art and Sci-Fi DDs for October 2017
:iconcosmicbound: Features by cosmicbound
I Watched The World Go On Without Me by TacoSauceNinjaInvasion by Thorsten-DenkJoin the Ranks! by sheer-madnessRover by WojtekFusAutumn - Cold wind and warm water by GrivetartBrat by CarlHoldenPlanetary Outpost by DlestudioRoboooooot43 by 25kartinokSWD Captain Phasma by agnidevimcp01 by Gunzfree2017 | Concept art | Adam | Oats Studios by djahalWysiwyg by DofreshBeyond Human challenge by EdiartsSci Fi Matte Painting 091917 by rich35211Containment by AnthonyDevineStar Wars Rebellion: Rise Of The Empire Box Art by wraithdtOLD NUKE REACTOR 2 by KennethCamaroNeo-Atlantis: One-Eyed Jak's by ianllanasColony Ranger by BrennanPMStrange Spheres II by KingstantinLex-a26 by Lex-a26
:iconPullingCandy::iconSinistrosePhosphate::iconMocris::iconTsaoShin::iconGejda: Featured by pullingcandy, SinistrosePhosphate, Mocris, TsaoShin & Gejda
Fallout - Vault Dweller by lAmikolSteampunk Fallout Plasma Rifle by AnselmofanzeroMass Effect: Andromeda (Cora Harper cosplay) by niamashBlue Texture Pack 1 by celairen-stockTracer - Overwatch by fenixfatalistShai-Hulud and the God Emperor by ErikShoemakerGet Them! by Vilk42Abstract Bubble on Bubble Stock Photo 3010 square by annamae22Pilot girl by MateuszMajewski:bigthumb7
:iconcosmicbound:cosmicbound 11 11
Future Art of Always and Today(V)
     Hello everyone!Hi!

I want to pay tribute to the great artists, and their works both past and present, all are wonderful and impressive, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Heart

Escape From Witch Mountains by Mr-Ripley
Visions In Blue by Softyrider62
Bruxinho Travesso by Wesley-Souza
The Halloween Goddess! by CharllieeArts
Hallow-ing Death by SummerDreams-Art
Dust Light by kimsol
AFTER A LONG DAY by adrianamusettidavila
White Lion Knight by hoanglap
BOOTH by Ladyperfume
Alone by Aeternum-designs
The-Magical-Apple by EnchantedWhispersArt
Kitty Magic by JayGraphixx
Young Witch by silviya
:iconcarmensarts:CarmensArts 76 88
Sunday Feature #30
Hello friends!
Let's congratulate the members of :iconart-revival: who received Daily Deviations this week! Here are their amazing works:

And here are the best works from the last group contributions. Please give your love and support to these amazing creations:

Luggage's aviator by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Monster house by Hend-Watani
Danger by annemaria48
A good harvest by Aramisdream
Kitty Magic by JayGraphixx
Wake up! but only for one night... by Whendell
Spiritual Discipline by EpicMisterMag
Pemphredo and Enyo by AbaddonArt
Bruxinho Travesso by Wesley-Souza
Dust Light by kimsol
Hidden Treetops by kuschelirmel
:iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 45 0
Let your light shine
Hello everyone!
November has come, the days have become shorter, and now the lamps, lights and candles illuminate our life more often than the sun. And this light is so romantic and inspiring!
That’s why our group :iconStewed-Tomatoes: decided to dedicate the current contest to these lonely lights. You can read the contest conditions here:

Lonely Lights

And here some amazing works for your inspiration:

:iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 77 33
Feature of the Unknown III
Hey guys, it's been a while. I have by now finished my exams and applications and therefore have much time again (quite creepy when one's not used to it~)
So let's go on with the feature for underrated artists, this time people who have less then 500 watchers
    Angband by samice
Street on fire by lhebrardrobin  
:iconlittlevillagewolf:littlevillagewolf 4 10
I. Awesome works found lately
Here some artworks that catched my eyes in the last weeks, hope you will like them as much as I do :D



Photomanipulation Contest: Unusual Fountain
Deadline: March 11th, 2017
:iconolgola:Olgola 1 11
hello everyone :D its now the time to start our first contest :dance::party:

the theme is: magic bottle
*what you will have to do??
create a photomanipulation inspired by the theme *magic bottle* it can be every kind of magic,what inspire you? black-white magic,magic from love? seasons change magic,a new world?.... everything ^^ be creative :)
here some amazing works to inspire,do not copy or redo the same,its only for inspiration
Conjuration by IvannaDark Drink Me by LadyPingu Louk Lord by MoonsongWolf Microcosm: Triceratops by jasminetoad Desert in a Bottle by AelDunadan Polvere di stelle by Endien Alice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x
SweetPoison by Alosa ..::Essence of Life::.. by Yosia82 Ship in bottle v3 by balint4 Salvation of the bottle by AmandineVanRay :thumb263751789:
:iconmaniptuts:ManipTuts 37 71
The Best of the Best Art Feature (Big Collection )

The Best and Wonderful work
of the last few weeks

Deep space by RankaStevic The Lady Raven by thornevald
The Flame of Love by EstherPuche-Art Fantasy is my heroine by Afrani4 Agony by Iskander1989
GUARDIAN by Lunarlueur Last Zmey Gorynych by PerlaMarina
The Angel Will Rise Again by DeniseWorisch Centaur Warrior by marcosnogueiracb
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 44 102
Amazing Artwork feature16 and a thank you

Thanks to my friend Kimmie :iconk-i-mm-i-e: for gifting me a PMship!
Really means alot. Thanks for supporting me dear! :hug:
Here is some of her beautiful works 

Go and check her amazing gallery  
Now some great stuff I have seen lately :dance:

White Spirit by VanessaPaduaGolden Fairy by EstherPuche-Art
Small Talk 2015 by nudagimo
Interview with the Dead by neverdyingConfession by Aeternum-designsGone with the wind by EmberRoseArt
...But I want to stay by shiny-shadows-Art
Smoke Kiss by Vitaly-Sokol
:icongwendolyn1:Gwendolyn1 21 40
DD Roundup: April 2015
Let's give them one last round of applause! :clap:
(sorry it's late!)

In the Name of God by visio-art
:iconabbeymarie:AbbeyMarie 10 13


Rising Hope
First of all, this is just some practice and nothing serious. The thing is there was an other artwork who created the original and who also inspired me to make my own version. The problem is I just can't find it, because I just used it at the beginning. No, I disagree! Blush  So if someone know the original artist's name, pls send me a note, thank you! The most of parts are painted but the stars is from my last work 'Eden' and the shooting star is almost a normal photo with some edit. :) (Smile) 
I think this is my very first paint artwork which is a bit more serious than the olders but I really like this, so probably I will practice more. :D (Big Grin) 
Free to use as a wallpaper.
Eden: The Tree of Souls - V2
A different version of the 'Eden: The Tree of Souls' image.

All rights reserved! T
his image can only be used as a wallpaper! There isn't any option to use it.

Resolution: (3840x2160)

How I made it (v1 video):

The Concept:
High above the Earth, at the edge of the sky, exists a gargantuan floating world, where all the lost souls find peace.
This is what I call Eden. The tree of souls serves as the gate of this invisible world, where some souls may take form.
A magical world, where all the plants and animals are made of light.
The image does not reflect any religious views.
An image dedicated to the memory of my mother.

More than 2000 photoshop layers.

Bálint Budai

Deviantart credits:





Eden: The Tree of Souls

The Concept:
High above the Earth, at the edge of the sky, exists a gargantuan floating world, where all the lost souls find peace.
This is what I call Eden. The tree of souls serves as the gate of this invisible world, where some souls may take form.
A magical world, where all the plants and animals are made of light.


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