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Meet the artist!(2021) by balint2002, visual art

Artist // Student // Traditional Art
  • Sep 13, 2001
  • Hungary
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My Bio

Welcome on my side ^u^ My name is Balint Baranyo, a 19 years boy, whose really into art and the magic of this site^u^ :heart:.

Since I was in an art class I love drawing and this is my hobby till this day.^u^:heart:I love being surranded with nature, because it's relaxing for me :heart:and I love bears, bunnies, horses, dogs etc... I'm learning ceramics and I really like it^u^. My goal is to show my talent in art, I just don't want to loose what I'm good in^u^. I'm a big fan of all the Godzilla movies :heart:but you guys probably could figure it out I also started to get into anime ^u^ and what fandom I'm in ^u^. You can find it here.^u^

You can contact me^u^:

-On school day untill CET 9 pm

-Saturday, Sunday untill CET 2 am

-On holidays until CET 2 am

I only do ART TRADES ^u^!

And I hope you going to like my works. Have a nice day! ^u^

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Hun: Figyelem! Igaz a képregényem nincs kész,hogy feltegyem,de a képregényeimnek a borítoit fel teszem meg a sztorít. Remélem tetszeni fognak oh és ha van kérdés tegyétek fel bátran^^. English: Attention! True, my comic is not ready to put up, but I put the stories on the covers of my comics. I hope you like it oh and if you have any questions feel free to ask ^^.
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Kedves godzilla és magyarszinkron rajongók figyelem^u^Egy rég várt magyar szinkron videó ma jelent meg youtube-on^u^.Meg aki tudni szeretné a godzilla 2014-19-es film szinkron hangjaira akkor nézétek meg^u^Nézetek belle^u^ + videó^u^
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Hello there^^! I speak to you because I have to announce something. I think a few of you have noticed that I don’t put up drawings like I used to but just deal with photography. I had to prepare for school for the exam, but our exam is missed so unfortunately I became free sooner than I thought. I want to punch out to keep working on drawings, but for a long time ^^. I’m still drawing now, but not just any drawing. Tell me, do you still remember my premiere, which I will announce sooner? I’ve been working on my own cartoon The Duel of the Titans all summer while I can ^^. 3 parts so I have to put a lot of time I hope I understand, but I'm still working on the drawing ^^. Did you seriously think that was all of the drawing? Drawing lives in me as long as I have the will ^ u ^ I hope you understand that it takes a lot of time, but if there will be something then they are solos. As I say information now, but beware of that ^^!Be very careful ^^! WARNING The Duel of the Titan is not
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Hiya Balint, thanks for all the faves and collecting! Hope you enjoyed them :)

You're welcome^u^

Köszönöm a favot :)

Nincs mit,de nem kell mindig megköszöni....lassan a te köszöneteiddel lesz ved magadra^^;

Oh oké, csak szokásom megköszönni ^^;

Nincs mit s csak szolok...jó az csak nem kell nyilvánosan köszönöd mindent...

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Köszönöm szépen a favokat, Bálint!