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YOYOYO These are the last few things I did. I find it helpful to post stuff I don't like so I work extra hard trying to bump it off this widget.


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Randan Pandan
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French Polynesia
YO HOWZIT? I'm a guy from a very small, very distant island.
It's a 6 hour flight to the nearest land and cereal costs like, 7 dollars a box. The rain is warm and so is the ever rising sea.


Name: Juan Alejandro Gonzales Ramírez

Toktok: I've got discord! I'm afraid of DA's note system like what is it help

Furry: Otters are my fav cuz they're sm0rt and live in the water like floaties
but I am not a furry tho plz no

If you advertise on my page I will BECOME ANGRY >: ( GrGrggRRRrr!

My ultimate goal is to make nice/kool things. Because I'm not naturally gifted in anything, my goal to one day get very good at something. I've been at art for about a year.


Started: Janurary 2018

Program: KRITA FOR LIFE (It's free u don't hav 2 pyrite)

Tablet: Cheapest, smallest Wacom possible and I love it to death


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They are my friends.…
We can't let the energy gap win! GO JAMES!

Twitter: II

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So this winter I went on a walk around the temple/WWII pillboxes and I took some photos of my town while the sun went down! I wanted to get them all in one place and show people. I'm not a photographer and my camera sucks so this ain't some pretentious photography slideshow >: ( 
(Also none of the photos are edited or anything, sometimes my phone ups the green hues a lot which is weird but other than that they were left alone)

First Image! This is a canal from the local lake, eventually this thing leads to the ocean where people swim in it.
trust me when I say you don't wanna swim in there. Why people swim in a brown river right next to a pristine blue ocean is beyond me. 
2 by Balimbang

Fruits I found! The first is a noni, which you    DO NOT EAT EVER       SERIOUSLY DON'T DO IT
then ya got breadfruit, lilikoi, and starfruits! I later turned the Breadfruit into a cake because it got too soft and sweet. I found a purple lilikoi too, fell on the road so it's fair game. 
3 by Balimbang4 by Balimbang9 by Balimbang8 by Balimbang

These are the old island ruins behind the YMCA. Apparently it's called the Ulupō Heiau
(Heiau being the word for those old Island temple things)
Most of em are broken because of how history went down, still nice though!
Also no one seems to go there? Like if you ever visit it's super cool and there aren't gonna be any other tourists.
6 by Balimbang5 by Balimbang

Ok so I went back into town and found the entrance to the hill, this thing was pretty hard to find cuz its tucked in on some random residential road.
Don't let the stairs fool ya tho, most of the path is made of dirt and rocks. It used to freak me out when I was younger cuz there are a lot of exposed cliff areas with cacti below. Most of em are just full of hats, no bodies.
11 by Balimbang12 by Balimbang

Ok so I'm not a big fan of this part of the trail, it's super overgrown and a bit cramped
This is ant territory so don't sit anywhere for too long, I dunno if they'll hurt ya but I'm definitely not taking that risk. They're warriors and I am no match for their power.
14 by Balimbang13 by Balimbang15 by Balimbang

Ok then I got to the top and saw this:
It looks like someone blew up pearl harbor but with an H-Bomb this time 
16 by Balimbang

Every day the sun sets behind Olomana, and its just fenwenviwENGAviwanfe
I have a view of Olomana from my room and sometimes ya get this but purple. In my top ten fav mountains for sure. Also my town is weirdly symmetrical? I never noticed that when inside of it. To the left you're heading towards Waimanalo, to the right is Kane'ohe. Also past the mountains is the road to Honolulu and stuff.

Also the WWII pillboxes are a bit farther up the trail but I forgot to bring water so I was basically DYING on the way home.
17 by Balimbang  18 by Balimbang

19 by Balimbang20 by Balimbang21 by Balimbang

22 by Balimbang

23 by Balimbang

24 by Balimbang

25 by Balimbang

26 by Balimbang

27 by Balimbang28 by Balimbang

29 by Balimbang

OK so that was my town you should totally visit if you inexplicably find yourself in the middle of the pacific. I know where all the free cookies and fruit trees are so let me know and I'll fill ya in. Ok I do have an exam tomorrow so I think I'll sleep. See ya.


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