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I just finished my entry for CreativeCommunity's OC design contest ! Here it is :

OC Design - Contest Entry by Baleineau

The goal was to design a character based on a specific genre and a few inspiration pictures that were different for each contestant.
I got to do a historical character, based or inspired by those pictures :

1 By Creativecommunity-dbm0b8h by Baleineau 3 By Creativecommunity-dbm0b8c by Baleineau 2 By Creativecommunity-dbm0b8d by Baleineau

I felt perticularly inspired (obviously) by the first picture. This awesome rococo interior in from Wilhering Abbey, located in Austria (it's about an hour away from Vienna). The buildings of the abbey were almost entirely destroyed during a fire on 6 March 1733, so Johann Haslinger of Linz reconstructed it in Rococo style that was very popular at the time : with the abondant use of bright colors, curves, gold, marble, etc. Because I really liked this church and its artistic movement, I decided my character would be from the 18th century, and that the story would take place around the years 1730 to 1745, somewhere close to the cities of Wilhering and Vienna, in Austria.

I started reading about the historical context of those years. The War of Austrian Succesion (1744–1748), in particular, was a significant conflict debating whether or not Maria Theresa was an eligible successor to her father Charles VI for the Habsburg Monarchy. The war ended as Maria Theras was named Archduchess of Austria (she also happens to be Marie Antoinette's mom btw). This war inculdes a lot of other conflicts all over Europe, and all those events are actually pretty complex and interesting, so I thought it would be a cool background for a story.

After that I went ahead and looked for references. I didn't really want my character to be royalty/nobility, but I still liked the idea that she would be aroung the set of cute porcelains (the second inspiration picture). So I decided she would be a maid or a help of some kind, working for the aristocracy or the court in Vienna. To get the clothing right, I found these awesome paintings representing maids / governants / from the second half of the eighteenth century :

Pitturaomnia I000630 by Baleineau Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French - The Laundress (La B by Baleineau Chardin 1739 Back-from-the-market Ggw-31211 by Baleineau

From left to right :
  • Jean-Étienne Liotard, The Chocolate Girl, 1744. (Isn't she just the perfect character for a story? With her plate and a cup of hot chocolate <3)
  • Jean-Baptiste Greuze, La Blanchisseuse (The Laundress), 1761. That's a very famous painting, you've probably seen it already ! But if you don't know about it, it was actually considered a highly provocative and erotic portrait at the time. Because the girl is looking directly at the viewer, she is flushing, and her shoe is slipping away (showing her ANKLE !!!1!1!!!1!!!!).... Art history is just so funny to me lol :D
  • Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Back from the Market, 1739. I really like this one - it gives a good sense of what life was like for ordinary people.

After that, I started thinking about my character's personality and story. I'm not typically good at this step, but I tried to come up with something coherent and interesting ^o^. To help me, I used this series of questions to answer from the character's perspective (that was also part of the contest's rules):

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself?
What's your name and how old are you?
My name is Jana Saenger, I'm 19 years old. I was born in 1725, in a small village near the coast of the Black Sea. My father is a blacksmith, and my mother a seamstress. I have two younger brothers and an older sister. Nowwadays we all get along, but we used to fight a lot with the boys when we were little.

    2. Where are you currently living? Do you enjoy it there? 

I live in Vienna, as I am currently a maid for the court. I usually take care of the small children, and I do the laudry and other chores. I don't know that I like it there - I mostly miss my family - but everyone has been nice to me so far. I try and stay discreet. I have a comfortable room that I share with only three other girls, it's nice. I sleep well at night, and my days are busy. There's not much time to think really.
    3. What do people alway assume about you, whether that would be correct or not?
People sometimes think I cannot do specific chores because of my arm injury. But I can do everything just fine. And even if I needed help, I don't see why that would be a problem.
    4. Who would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with? 
I truly miss my grandma. She used to tell us old tales of the sea. She would embroider all my handkerchiefs with tiny fish and flowers. Her eyes were as gray as her hair, under her white bonnet. She was the daughter of a fisherman, and a really sweet person.
    5. What is your biggest regret?
I lost a brooch in the Danube, during our coming to Austria. It was all my fault, I was careless. It wasn't just any piece of jewelry, my grandma had given it to me on my 15th birthday. Made of silver and mother-of-pearl, it shined beautifully in the sun. I souldn't have carried it to the river in the first place, but grandma had told me the story surrounding the brooch : how it had belonged to a cursed princess, who had been turned into a mermaid of the river. I was a stupid child and I believed all of it, so I figured bringing the brooch would awaken the tale. Instead, I just lost my most precious item and hurt my arm as I fell in the river. I lost counciousness, so I'm lucky someone was there to rescue me. I'm not sure what happened exactly - I must have lost my balance. Grandma never found out I had lost the brooch, and she passed away later that year. I just kept it a secret from her.
    6. Describe yourself in 4 words.
Silly, soft, forgetful, ordinary.
    7. How would you breifly describe your upbrining?
My parents have always been sweet to us. But they were always nicest to the boys, and expected a lot more from my sister and I, so that used to make me really jealous. As the oldest, we had to take care of "the babies" as we used to call them, and be responsible. We weren't really poor, although we weren't rich either. So we all had to work. There was peace in our village until we were forced to leave ; all in all, it was a perfect childhood in my mind.
    8. Who/what do you care about most? Would you do something illegal on their behalf?
Oh my. I care about my siblings so much, but I wouldn't break the law for anyone. That's just not right.
    9. Whats your most prominent childhood memory?
The day we left our village. I don't remember very well how it happened, and my parents have never really talked about it since. But suddenly every house was on fire, people were screaming, and we fled. It was the beggining of our long trip along the Danube, which led us to Vienna, were we had some family member to help us. I wish I knew more about this whole thing. Why did that happen ? Who did this to us ? On the way here, we lost both my grandparents to the cold. I wish I could change all of that.
    10. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I hope to still be at the court, with a secure place. Eventually I'd love to have my own home, and even go back to my village, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

*   *   *

I'm not sure if that was clear enough, but I tried to use the third inspiration picture for those questions, with the shells and some kind of a magical mermaid. I think history mixed with a little fantasy car be the best genre sometimes. (I've almost finished reading Outlander vol.2 so..... hehehe >:) But also look at: The Midnight Children or Beloved ; both are historical novels, but they incorporate a lot of magical elements. And they're unanimously AWESOME.)

And that's what I've got ! I really liked working on this contest, as it was really motivating and inspiring. I think it's a cool way to desing characters, so I'll definitely use this method in the future :) And maybe I'll try and develop this character's story, as a small comic of something.


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