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In this story, Baldi gets sad.
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:I am the worst teacher... I smack students.... I have no life....
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:I can't hold this anymore! *runs to principal*
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:Uhh, Principal, I am sorry to tell this, but, I am sad.
Principal Of The Thing:iconsaysplz:I'm sorry to hear that.
Principal Of The Thing:iconsaysplz:Don't worry, i'm here to comfort you.
Some days later
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:I'm still sad. :iconsadplz:
:iconsmileyplz::iconsaysplz:Not today! Smiley pills can make you happy! Smiley pills can cure depression, angriness!
Get Smiley pills now!
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:Thank you!
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:*buys Smiley pills*
:iconbaldisbasicsbaldiplz::iconsaysplz:*after the pills* I'm happy now! Thank you.
:iconsmileyplz::iconsaysplz::icongladplz: I'm glad it helped you.
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Hope you enjoyed the story!