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When I look at you, I am reminded of why I fight.
When I look into your eyes, I believe my soul took flight.
When I look at the moon, I remember the nights we’ve spent.
When I watch you train, I remember that I can get bent.
When I watch you sleep, I remember the love we share.
When I feel you hugging me, I remember all of your care.
When I watch you in the distance, I remember my promise.
When I see you handle the children, you always leave me surmise.
When I kiss you on the lips, I always remember the sweetness.
No matter what I go through, I always remember your goodness.
May your life be full of joy, for I’ll always be there to be your light.
I love you my beautiful wife. Always I rate you Ten/ten.

Tenten eyes started to water as tears of joy threaten to escape, as she read the poem as she stood on the back porch. Standing behind her was the love of her life. Two muscular arms found themselves around her waist, as the person placed his chin onto her shoulder.

“I see you found my poem.”

Tenten closed the card in her hand as she leaned back.

“I love it. When did you get so romantic Naruto?”

Naruto just grin before kissing his wife’s neck. “Ever since you said “yes” to our first date.”

Tenten just smiled as she remembered that day. However, she was brought back to reality when someone grabbed her leg.

“MOMMY! Lily is trying to use me as a target practice again!”

“I WAS NOT! HE’S LYING!” A voice shouted from behind Naruto and Tenten.

Tenten just sighs as she starts rubbing her son’s hair. Naruto on the other hand, let go of his grip on Tenten; as he turned to the sound of the voice.

“Lily, how many times do we have to tell you? If you want to practice throwing weapons ask either me or your mother. Don’t be going around and picking on your siblings.”

“But daddy,” Lily whined as she peaked around the corner. “Cassie and Akio are at the academy and mommy always tell me to practice so I can become the best weapon mistress just like her.  Also it’s Kaku’s fault for egging me on.”

Naruto just glared at Lily as she spoke, which caused Lily to try to run and hide from her father. Sighing Naruto spoke, “Geez, you’d think it doesn’t end with these two.”

Tenten just giggled as she picked Kaku up. With Kaku and the poem safely in her arms, Tenten started to walk back inside the house. Naruto watched his wife walk pass him as he smiled.

“You know Tenten,” Naruto started as he started to follow Tenten. “I put a line in between your name as a joke. You as in know ten out of ten.”

Tenten didn’t reply to Naruto as she kept walking towards the kitchen. Especially since two of her children will be home from school here soon and they take their appetites from their father. All the while listening to Naruto try and find Lily to give her a talk. Just a normal day at the Uzumaki’s house.

The End
I hope you guys enjoyed it. I really love Naruto and Tenten as a couple. In my opinion they are the better couple.
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May 21, 2016
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