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Done for fun, character of Hellgate London. 3d studio max, photoshop, zbrush
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I just realized I never played this game. Wonder if it is worth a visit now?
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I'm a nut for Hellgate: London even though I played it roughly 18 months late, multiplayer was disabled and all that. But it didn't diminish the game one bit for me. And this rendition is really spot on and I love it, think I need to re-install in and roll an engineer. Thanks for making great, enjoyable work!
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Oh how i loved this game! 
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is it okay if i use this picture for a preview for a story?
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that thing in the back is one ugly mother...
thats cool :) is the gun an LSW?
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Awww Thats Brutal!
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damn ,at first glance a thought you just copied the part of wallpaper from the original pic,reeeeeaaly good!!
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Fantastic artwork. Great job.
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Amazing! I thought this was a pic of a real action figure. It's not?!?
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Great work, mate ;)
Love your works! ;D
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epic fun !
this is hell aweseme :horns:
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are u the Hunter's model artist too? says 3dmax in ur descript of the work there..curious
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Sine relise see it on different places - very cool concept.
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I've been looking through your art and just wow if your not doing anything with your talent. you must.
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Damn good! Fantastic attention to detail!
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fantastic picture ;)
too bad the gameservers are no more :(
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