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Prehistoric Mammals Elasmotherium

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What kind of sabretooths are those? Homotherium? Megantereon?

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Based on the location & time period of Elasmotherium sibiricum (The latest surviving species of Elasmotherium), they're most likely Homotherium.

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What a masterpiece!. Its looks so life like.  You really put in blood sweat and tears into it and it shows. Bravo
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Incredible! One of the best depictions of this species I've seen. 
Hi, is there a way to use this image in a video? Royalty payment? Attribution? Public domain? Thanks, great work!
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This is really great!
Where do you research this era of life?
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Simply beautiful, imagine seeing that in real life! That rhino is massive, it can easily look you in the eye!!
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"Can't a guy have a bath in peace?"
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Amazing work!
Are sabertooths Homotherium latidens?
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They are actually megantereon
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Are the cats smilodon?
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No,they can only ne Megantereon.
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I love how you make so much artwork involving ice age beasts. They are just truly wonderful, I wish they weren't extinct, but your artwork makes it feel like this is photography.
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WOW! that is did you do this?
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Blood sweat and tears
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So lively! I love it! :D
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Really beautiful, that water brings lots of movement to this scene :)
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A flawless work! the detail in the hair of Elasmotherium is incredible :)
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Magnificent Job!
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Indeed truly worthy of the praise its getting
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Gyönyörű munka honfitárs :-) ;-)
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