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This skin shows the Sunrise/Sunset, respectively the Moonrise / Moonset for current day. Important is that these information aren't downloaded from internet (as many skins does), they are calculated offline by two lua scripts, based on geographical coordinates and date. These scripts are not mine, I've downloaded them, many thanks to the developers.
The skin also shows the current icon of the Sun and Moon (How is visible the Sun over the horizont and the aproximative phase of the Moon).
When you install the skin, first a Settings tool is loaded. Using it you can set your location (important, without this step, the skin won't work!). The simplest way to do this is to click to the Detect button (it appears just when your IP address is determined and shown). With this button, the skin will (try to) detect your country, city and the geographical coordinates (the latitude and the longitude) and if succeed, shows them. Then you can click the OK to save them and switch to the main skin, which will show the moments of Sun/Moon rise/set.
If your IP address isn't detected, the Detect button won't appear. In such cases you can enter manually the coordinates, using the InputText plugin. If you do so, the skin will try to detect the country and the city, based on the entered geographical coordinates. If it fails, or the names are not accurate enough, you can also add/modify them manually.
The skin writes each day, the day length into the file (into the resources folder). Through the year, you can follow how this length changes.
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