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15 Puzzle 2

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This game is an updated version of my previous game, available here:…
That old release doesn't works with newer Rainmeter versions. So, I had to update it and here's the result. You can play in two different mode: with numbers or with images. The skin includes 15 images, but you can also create personalized images. If you want to create, leave a comment and I'll help to create it.
The skin includes a settings dialog, too. Use it to set play mode or/and the desired image.
Available buttons on the main window:
- Settings: use to open the settings dialog.
- Preview: move the mouse over it to see the image or click to solve the current board.
- Shuffle: use it to shuffle/restart the game.
- Close: unload the skin.
Have fun!
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anyway i can change the pictures in the puzzle?