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Mountain Redoubt

PSCS5 Digital Paint 2012

Another Skyrim inspired image. That game was so visually stunning and immersive. Oh, yes, and time-consuming-social-life-destroying :)
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Mount Redoubt? like the volcano in Alaska?
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Hahahahaha. I saw this and was like; "Skyrim..." And then I read the information and I almost high fived myself. xD An amazing game. :3
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Fantastic piece!
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If I never hear the word "Redoubt" again, man that game had a lot of them.
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mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
I instantly thought of Skyrim when i saw this.
Good job.
sneak + bow ftw
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Thanks! Damn nice work you have yourself :D
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nah bro, it's a perfect yin-yang of positive/negative space.
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Thanks Mr Cobra. Nice to see you.
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Yes it was... My family thought I had died for 3 weeks lol
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lol, reminds me of a call of duty map
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very beautiful!
Awesome scene :)
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This is pretty awesome, though I think the composition is off. Whenever I focus on the center my eyes will start shifting to the left corner because there's nothing there, same with the ruins above the red figure, there's an empty space between the edge of the painting and the ruins...

Just a small critique, I hope you don't find it disrespectful or anything. :P
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Not at all, thanks for the input :)
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Excellent landscape. The scale is very good.
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That's really impressive.
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Enough! [link] After seeing that and flavoring it, I was like "Oh wow, look this one is similar!"

Then I looked and saw it was by the same artist, and my jaw dropped. Watch and favorited.
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Ha! Thanks for looking, my friend!
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Great scale and dxepth!
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