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Wat'wheen The Deity of Water

By Balanos
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Wat Wheen is a young Deity with a vast amount of knowledge on many subjects. However, even with her knowledge Wat Wheen finds that she lacks the field experience. Today was her lucky day because she was given the task of overseeing the creation of life on a new world.

"Ah", this must be the world I will be looking over." Said, Wat Wheen as she walked up to the glass table which showed a projection of the planet.

Her teacher, who did not hold a physical form but, was none the less present spoke with a strong voice. "The one of many that I have planned my young deity. Depending on your performance you might take part in future forms of life"

Wat Wheen kept her eyes focused on the image of the world. The excitement of finally being able to participate in the creation of a world was overwhelming. She had imagined the different types of life that could be created and explored. She imagined the hardest part of her job would be on what to create. However, Wat Wheen did not quite understand the task fully.

"This doesn't seem to hard of a task to do. I have many centuries of creating different forms of life. I would even go as far as saying it's one of my favorite things to do" Wat Wheen smiled and held her head up high with pride.

"My dear Wat Wheen, I don't think you quite understand. Even the most basic forms of mortals can create life. I expect you to create life forms of élans. These custodians you create should protect that essential part of life. They should never have physical contact with the life that is already on the planet. Spiritual contact yes but, physical no. Their physical form will reside here with you."

Wat Wheen's eyes widened as she turned around and took a few steps away from the table. She held her hands in front of her chest and looked up slightly where the sound of her teachers voice came from. The one thing that stood out to her most from what her teacher said was "...the life that is already on the world"

"So if I am not creating the life that lives on this world what life already exists?"

"The life exists in those batches of eggs and the one egg that is alone across the canyon." Said the teacher.

Wat Wheen turned back and walked to the table to observe what her teacher was talking about. The image was no longer the world itself but zoomed into show part of the world. The view showed two different nests; each on the opposite side of a canyon. One nest had a group of eggs but one appeared to have rolled away. The other nest held a bigger egg but it appeared that the other eggs in the nest had hatched long before this one.

"So now that I have told you my expectations, I will leave you with a hint on your first custodian you should create. The other custodians you will have to discover on your own and they might already physically exist. The first custodian is already present but does not have a physical form. Both you and I are experiencing the élan this very moment; as is all life that exist." The teachers voice echoed until it was silent and Wat Wheen was left to figure things out on her own.

Wat Wheen leaned onto the table and observed the images of the eggs. "What could I and the eggs already be experiencing ?" She thought to herself. She had never been directly put on the same level as her creations. In her studies she had always learned about life but not directly what was involved in living a life.

After a while Wat Wheen started tapping her two fingers on the table while her thumb stayed rested. Then all of the sudden she got it. Quickly she snapped up off the table, picked up her dress so she didn't trip and trotted to the center of the room. Wat Wheen held her hands together in front of her belly so that one hand was over the other, only connected by the thumbs. She closed her eyes and begun a slight mumble. In front of her small clouds started to form on the ground and slowly twisted their way up. Once the clouds reached over roughly six feet high they flowed towards the center and formed a vortex. As soon as the vortex appeared the small clouds turned black and lighting started to form. These lightning bolts stuck inwards of the cloud structure.

As the lighting got more violent a shape started to form inside the clouds. Wind was now present in the room and Wat Wheen's feet started to rise off the floor. Once she was off the ground she released her hands and quickly snapped them out to her sides. With her eyes now open she could see the figure inside the cloud. With one last flash of light a gust of wind blew across the figure. Wat Wheen landed safely to the ground as the clouds blew by her.

The first custodian was now made. With an amazing amount of joy flowing though her, Wat Wheen approached the tall figure. The custodian stood with his back straight and he kept his head fixed forward. With the legs of a dinosaur, a tail of an alligator and, a beret on top of his head the custodian resembled a warrior. Keeping his hand on top of his staff that rested next to him, his eyes were fixed on Wat Wheen as she approached him. Overjoyed Wat Wheen quickly gave him a hug on the only thing she could reach, his leg. She stepped back to look up at her first custodian and new friend. His body stayed perfectly still and the only thing he moved were his eyes. They were now looking down to the side at Wat Wheen. He kept his eyes on her as she moved to stand in front of him.

"Hello" Said Wat Wheen with her eyes wide with excitement. "My name is Wat Wheen and I am the Deity of Water. It took me a little to figure you out but now I know who you are." Wat Wheen reached up and set her hand on the side of his leg. "You are Epoch's Custodian and I shall call you Epoch!" Wat Wheen patted the side of Epoch's leg and turned around. She skipped excitedly back to the table and turned to Epoch. "Well come on Epoch we have work to do." Epoch still steady looked at her for a second then looked down as he tucked his staff softly under his arm. With a deep breath Epoch walked towards Wat Wheen and the journey for future custodians begun.

*This is just a rough draft of the story and nothing is directly set in stone. I still need to clean up the above into but I think it gets the major points across.*
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