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Epoch's Custodian

By Balanos
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Time is an essential element of our world. One indiscreet decision can influence the progression of our development. This guy was named a sentry to protect that essential element for all that subsequent him. A pioneer, made by the Deity of Water, his mission is to track the remaining five Custodian's. It is only when they are mutually set on the same path that they will unveil the whereabouts of long, undiscovered deities.
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thereseldavisProfessional Digital Artist
This looks like a very original concept of the creature. I love all of the detail you put into his skin! My only wish is that the circle around him was a littel bit more round. The line art is perfect, except for the circle. I don't own a protractor or anything that helps me free hand draw a circle...but if I want a perfect on I will usually go to my cubbord. There you can find glasses and cups and all sorts of things that you can trace around to get a perfect circle. Obviously there is nothing you can do about it don't sweat it, just remember it for next time.
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I'm honestly quite jealous of your natural media skill. Wish I could wield a real pen like this. ^^; Any who, lovely character design here. He's well put-together and he gives off that noble air that characters like this need to be believable. Kudos. :3
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cerenaProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, so much detail! I definitely like the background of this, because it reminds me of all kinds of game and world art I've seen, which is nice. I love the design of the character as well, very unique while still maintaining the integrity of scale, bone structure rules, etc. Very nicely done! The lineart is also, of course, lovely!
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kudohazamasanHobbyist General Artist
EVEcassandra's avatar
sweet creature :love:
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cooleyProfessional Digital Artist
I like him, will you be coloring it too?
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Very nice lineart and it's got great personality to it too. :aww:
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The detail is amazing and I envy how clean your lines are. Such a unique design, too.
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I sort of want to hug him....
Fabulous inking--though I do agree that I'd love to see this piece in color. I love all of the tiny details. I think the scales would have driven me insane.
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MischievousPookaProfessional General Artist
Great detail. Love the design.
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rubbeHobbyist General Artist
very instrestin design!
CarrionTrooper's avatar
Very nice! Dare try to color it? :D Otherwise, the accessories and weapon looked very nice on it. Nice!
runde's avatar
The only thing that I would say for critique's sake is that the emblem behind the custodian would look better if shifted a bit to the right.

Other than that I really like all the detail and the design. Lots of interesting things to see going up and down this pic!
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Wow this is really a neat one, lots of details and intricacies. I'd like to see more of this one, maybe a rotoscope or something if you get the chance XD :heart:
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