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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 19: Found
                                            Chapter 19: Found
  The dungeons were a cold, desolate place. Any criminal placed here certainly knew how to live in Hell even when still on the earth. The darkness was only illuminated by a small torch at the end of the hall, giving the three royals and the shapeshifter a small glimmer in which to see each other even if they were divided amongst two separate cells. Cuddle up against each other, the king and queen of Hyrule could only worry about their children in silence. The young desert prince dared to wander around for days on end without stopping in the small area while his companion Purusia did her best to not yell at him to stop by remember that he was scared beyond reasoning for his mother, his captain of the guard, his newfound friend and new love the princess.
  “You’ll get nowhere by roaming in circles
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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 18: The Search Begins
                                  Chapter 18: The Search Begins
  In the midst of the night, shadows dear walk, skip, and run about as free as children in the day. In the trees, if one is silent enough, they can hear the movement of darkness. If the skill of one’s self is tuned just right, they may even hear blades of grass brush by when something is amiss. However, not so many are quite capable of such feats. If there ever was such a person, they’d be able to tell who really lurked amongst the moonlight and the winds.
  In the dark of the night, a figure dashed amongst the trees. They jumped from branch to branch, continuing their training in the ways of the shadow folk. The young warrior in training, clad in wraps that masked their face, was performing laps for hours now, showing the skill that was required of them to hold through this training.
  The moon was high, stars w
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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 17: Rising Shadow: Part 2
                                    Chapter 17: Rising Shadow: Part 2
  “Come now, were you even trying?” Impa mocked to the princess after trouncing the young royal for the tenth time that evening.
  “I’m sorry. I don’t even know the first thing about fighting,” Zelda replied. “Did you have to kick me in the calves though?”
  “That’s one rule among many. ‘When in doubt, force your opponent to lose balance.’ The Sheikah use a multitude of battle strategies that are different than your knight’s meager sword, shield, and lance training. We use many weapons and if you are to go against this evil Gerudo, then you have to learn how to at least fight without a weapon long before we begin to fight with them.”
  “Okay okay okay. I understand now. Can we at least take things slowly?”
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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 16: Rising Shadow: Part 1
                                 Chapter 16: Rising Shadow: Part 1
  With the end of the tunnel at hand, Nalall tugged Zelda along. The young prince excited to see the end of one torment. Zelda trudged along with her brother, her dress a tad torn in some places and her heels which had snapped minutes before, which had forced her to walk barefoot through the rocky terrain.
  “We’re almost there Zelda,” Nalall said. “With luck, this Impa that mother and father spoke of will be past the end of the tunnel itself.”
  “That’s if the invaders haven’t found the secret entrance yet,” Zelda commented.
  “Relax. They’ll have believed that we all split into different directions of the castle. Even if mother and father were captured, whoever attacked the castle wouldn’t think of looking into the throne room for a hidden pass
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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 15: Royal Downfall
                                       Chapter 15: Royal Downfall
  They say worrying for people you care about does nothing but add stress. Unfortunately for the royal princess, she found that out harshly. Nearly a week since the council put a bounty on Link’s head and all she could do was keep herself awake for days on end. Zelda’s hair was all over the place; sticking out in the worst places. Her skin on her face had also tanned a bit more from having the radiant sun beaming down on her as she glanced out the window for the same time.
  Not her father, mother, nor her handmaidens had the slightest luck in getting her to come out of her room, or to change her dress, or to bathe in all that time. Barely to any of them had she managed to utter a single tone to them. Her eyes merely glanced into the disappearing distance, waiting for some hope that Link would come ba
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KH:Darkness of the Heart:Chapter 20:New Beginnings
                                   Chapter 20: New Beginnings
  “I’m sorry. Sora’s Heartless came here and did what?” Riku questioned the stilled shocked princess.
  “Riku, turn your voice down, will you?” Terra asked, attempting to calm the young master.
  “Terra is right,” spoke Yen Sid. “Shouting our voices outward like that will get us nowhere.”
  Currently, all the known keyblade wielders were all standing around Kairi’s bed in the hospital after hearing the commotion from Dark Heart’s entry. Terra and Ven helped Kairi back onto the bed due to the reason that Dark Heart drained her energy when he did...whatever he had done to her in the first place. Kairi was in the midst of explaining things when Riku had cut her off.
  “Like I said, Dark Heart was here, I lunged at him when he wouldn
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G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 14: Kakariko Troubles
                                 Chapter 14: Kakariko Troubles
  Later that day, Link and Purusia had managed to fill themselves up with enough food to last them a lifetime. Feeling satisfied, the two returned to their shared room until they caught the conversation of assassins speaking about Gerudo warriors in Hyrule. Listening in, the two discovered that a Gerudo campaign was heading towards the village of Kakariko in the eastern direction of Hyrule Field. Feeling at fault for his failures, and wanting to redeem himself, Link whistled for Epona to get to Kakariko.
  “What are you doing?” Purusia asked.
  “I’ve finally got a lead to Fawaana’s plans. She’s going to take over Hyrule in memory of Ganondorf. She’s going to start with the small villages first. She’s no idiot. She’s going to work her way upwards till she can conquer Hyrule
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 1 2
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 13: Waterside
                                    Chapter 13: Waterside
  Three days. Long, horrible days of aggravatingly waiting for a moment to stop hiding from an oppressive usurper. The poor prince was sitting in the room him and Purusia had bought. His hands stared down at the communication device his mother trusted with him. The device long dead now and the screen blank. All he could think that his mother and his captain of the guard were out there, somewhere, and for all he knew, they were either captured by now, or dead. A terrifying fate that was never wished on them by any good Gerudo.
  “Hey,” came Purusia’s voice. “You still sitting here?”
  “I’ve got nothing better to do,” Link depressingly said. “My mom and best friend are both out there either laying in a ditch or in the dungeon.”
  “Well we’ll just to fi
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Mature content
KH: Darkness of the Heart: Chapter 19:Rebirth: Pt2 :iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 2 0
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 12: Sending the message
                                    Chapter 12: Sending the message
  Hiding from possibly an entire town of evil Gerudo was difficult. Both Noanon and Titasa had it bad keeping together and diving from alley to alley in the midst of it. They had very little in the matter of anything. This included willing friends who would take them in even for a night. Now all that remained was just a shred of dignity.
  “This is hopeless,” Noanon spoke. “We’re never going to survive out here. We’ll die long before Link can even think about coming to our rescue.”
  “Steel yourself Noanon,” responded the older Gerudo. “My son won’t fail his people. He can’t. For our sake I hope.”
  “Where do you think he is now? If he had gotten Hyrule’s help, they’d be here by now.”
  “I know. Which mean
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 1 6
New Chapter
That which becomes to a close
Holds part of the lives we walk on.
Forward the new chapter begins.
Memories good or bad now bonded.
For to ash they turn and forgotten,
Or to always keep and brag with friends old and new.
In time we come to know our places.
In time we become who we want,
Or the people pre-destined by fate.
For better or worse,
Either shadows fall,
Or light of success shall ensue.
All in time.
All in perspective.
All in us.
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 0 0
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 11: The Lake Escape
                                   Chapter 11: The Lake Escape
  Riding all day really takes it out of you. Especially when you’re running from a whole city wide mob of angry people who want revenge for the misdoings of another individual who framed you for their actions. So there by the shore side of Lake Hylia, sat the Gerudo prince and his steed, “happily” laying in the grass as the stars twinkled above them. And then Link yelled out in rage for his luck.
  “AHHHHHHHHGGG! Why?! Why did this have to happen?! What did I do to deserve this madness?! All I’ve tried to do is bring order! So why all mighty Gods?! Why did I deserve this?!” he yelled at the sky.
  At the bare minimum, he expected some form of answer by some form of divine strike of lightning around or something. Alas, no answer befell the young man as he dropped to his knees and began
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 1 8
Mature content
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 10: CD and GA :iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 1 12
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 9: Usurper Queen
                                       Chapter 9: Usurper Queen
                         (A/N: Admit it, you all see the reference here)
  The air was nonexistent. The sands seemed like mud trapping him. Every aspect of time seemed to stop as he raised on horseback. After Link crossed the border, it was like everything hit him at once. All manner of reality just crashed around him. The blunt of the damage hitting him in his soul. He prayed every second to whatever God was listening, just to help him get back before anything bad happened.
  “Come on Epona!” he shouted to his steed. The horse whinnied back with just as much worry as him. The horse itself was pushing herself for her master and their home, all in all to make sure everything was safe.
  When the town came in view, the prince didn
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 2 0
LoZ:G!LinkxZelda:Chapter 8: Enter Phase Two
                                  Chapter 8: Enter Phase Two
  Back in Gerudo Town, poor Noanon and Titasa were worried sick after the prince and princess left. They stationed themselves back in Link’s castle. All the guards in the building, outside of it, and on the town gates were all on high alert for the prince’s return or for even an invading army. Things were unusually quiet however, which set off the guards even moreso.
  “I don’t like it Noanon,” spoke Titasa. “This doesn’t seem right. The king and queen of Hyrule wouldn’t have asked for Zelda and my son if it did not involve something terribly bad.”
  “Lady Titasa, you have to learn to calm down. Whatever it is, I’m certain the prince can take care of it. He’s wise enough.”
  “I have no doubt in my son’s skills. It’s how the king
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 2 6
G!LinkxZelda: Chapter 7: The Collapse Begins
                                  Chapter 7: The Collapse Begins
  They rode off from the desert kingdom and passed through the boundaries of the Gerudo desert and Hyrule. Speeding like a modern day bullet train, the young prince and princess got their steeds to the gates of Castle Town in no time. When they walked through, however, they were met with a gruesome sight of the mid-town marketing district. Buildings were blown left and right. People were being advised by healers and others were wrapped in body bags with families crying over them.
  “By the Goddesses of Hyrule,” said the princess.
  “What and/or who caused this?” Link questioned. “This was a terrorist attack.”
  “But why? Who would want to cause this mass destruction?”
  “I don’t know. But you’re parents didn’t sound too happy about sending tha
:iconbalancelord:BalanceLord 2 8


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In this great time of the year, let us remember the times that we spent happily with our loved ones and friends alike. I'd like to dedicate this journal to all my beloved watchers and friends that I've made here on DeviantArt these last two years. And come February, it'll be a great three years. Thank you everyone for watching my page and who have stuck by me for the longest of times. I do hope to see more of your works and helpful comments in the future.

A special thanks for all the good times and more to come:
:icontoonegeminielf: (For bringing me out of the dark.)
:iconpinkprincessblossom: (For graciously giving me something to work on.)
:iconkeyblades-chosen-one: (For always giving me a laugh every once and a while.)
:iconnaminf: (For being a good friend and for looking out for everyone.)
:iconkhundertalefan25: (For being the one of the first people to ever get to know me on here.)

And to everyone else, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and gracious New Year. With all my care and kindness, I am BalanceLord, and I look to see more things to be done within the upcoming year to follow.
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