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Keyforge: Ammonia Clouds

Artwork done for Fantasy Flight's new Unique Deck Game, Keyforge.
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Nice! This has a real War of the Worlds vibe to it - nice nod to the classics! Also really great use of green to make things pop. Kinda reminded of the Borg - heck I thought of the Borg first then saw this looked like those Tripods and then was like "Oooh. War of the Worlds. Nice."
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Thanks!  I did lean a little too Borg in the colors (it's supposed to be more of a white/green pallet for this faction), but I couldn't figure out how to get a white tripod to contrast well in this lighting so I went for it.  Was a super fun project, hoping to get some more commissions for it in the future.  
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Reminds me of War of the Worlds.
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This is for a "Martian" faction, so pretty heavy on old-school Martian tropes. :)
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Beautiful artwork! I lkie the tension of detail with the smoke and robot!
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I first thought this was fanart about Universe at War
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Excellent! I cant wait to see this on a card!
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