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How To Draw Boobs?

By Balak01
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A "tutorial" made beause someone asked...
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omg the faces r so cute
this is genius ^^
WPardlow's avatar
 This never gets old, I had to come back and look at it again. Its why your work is sooooo GREAT!
smartwhitefang's avatar
Thanks for the Funny reference
DoodleKnots's avatar
This...has taught me the most important lesson XD
Think of boobs as balloons and add gravity!
My friend thinks drawing them as well.... as balls...

What I have trouble is drawing those darn things in clothing x x....
Scrathed's avatar
Thats great :D
Those Balloon-Boobs don't even look real :D
And that's what I hate about most operated increased boobs. The look like someone put an air-pump in them and...well,  inflated them.

I like boobs in their realistic way :D

And btw: It's pretty funny ;)
blued1500's avatar
good for a laugh and informative
Moremorphing's avatar
Hurray! Gravity!! and also boobs! Can you do one of how a bra affects the way boobs hang?
i8magic's avatar
So much awesome here. Thanks for sharing knowledge!
Helpful and funny.Thanks
gulabjamuns's avatar
Tons of people will still call both versions "boob jobs", simply because they're big (or like some people say "not normal sized"). Or they will call the bottom ones "saggy". It's unfortunate... just can't please everyone, I guess.

I don't usually care which way they're drawn, although your preferred way does look better, especially while animated. Boob jobs simply don't exist in the 2D world. There is no god in the 2D world, unless you count the creator of that 2D world, lol. If they look like "balloons" then that's just how they look in that 2d world. It's all good to me, lol.
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Animelova4evs's avatar
France your here I KNOW IT!
darkmasterblade's avatar
lol this is funny. and pervy XD
aernath's avatar
This is, for me one of the favourite guides of all time!
You sir rock! ^^
fuyu-oleander's avatar
molicalynden's avatar
I love this a thousand times over! An artist who understands boobs - real, big, gravity-affected boobs!! :heart: Love it!! Thanks!!
everlivingnova's avatar
this made me chuckle, but it's all true we see this way too often, there must be justice!
Clay-mazing's avatar
Tell it like it is, dude!
Wolfbaloo's avatar
Looks like this is my first favorited nude pic of all time. >w<

And it's going to be in the tutorials for notes. :meow:
Honeypie675's avatar
Lol wow guess I gotta go try and fix my boobs now >.<
mean-chic's avatar
i find that if you can draw naked boobs, it's easier to draw them clothed. i used to try and draw ballons, but i know better now
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