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White Solitude

By balaa
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2009 Werewolf Calendar


Arctic werewolves live in significantly colder climates, often in the arctic circle. They spend more of their time in beast form than other werewolves, to make optimal use of their fur. They have thicker fur and bodies, and shorter ears. They can afford to be near or even in their homes this way because of the sparse population in the area.

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December in the 2009 Werewolf Calendar. I was going for a heavily minimalistic and cold feeling with this piece but hopefully it isn't boring as is. I hemmed and hawed about adding body jewelry/paint etc but decided it would ruin the minimalistic setting. For that matter, IF werewolves existed, those living so far north with scarce populations of other werewolves would have little need for tattoos or body jewelry. Secondly, Werewolves would likely identify each other by scent not unlike wolves and body jewelry might also cause fur matting, which would leak precious heat from the body and/or break camouflage in hunts. But my primary goal was for the viewer to first think it was a regular arctic wolf, but upon closer inspection realize the limb proportions were not right for that.

Tools: Acrylic paint/ink on arches watercolor paper
Time taken: ? no idea!
Size: 12" x 18"
Digital mock-up: [link]
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UntamedJerseyManeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is fantastic!
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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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werecassStudent Artist
That's so awesome.
NINJAWERETIGERHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is cool!
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kat10623Student Traditional Artist
im shocked and with the llama

~kat waz hurr... with a llama
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Wow that is Amazing!
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Oh wauw o.o
Amazing! :O
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Shevy-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
такой милый.... )))
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balaaProfessional General Artist
Spacebo vam!!
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StefaniaRussoProfessional Traditional Artist
W-wowwwwww.... It's fantastic! :wow:
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Absolutely epic :O
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v-smokeStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful work - you've certainly caught the minimalism you wanted! And no, it certainly isn't boring. Great work!
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Pixel-SpotlightProfessional Photographer
Fantastic piece!
I've featured it in a special anthro news article here:
Please take a look at some of the other incredible pieces of art there and :+fav: the article if you enjoy it! :D
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You continue to impress me further.


Stunning stuff. Lovely grey tones.
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ChickChickyStudent General Artist
wow this is awazing, i can't draw wolfs to save my life and you put so much detail into it, i'm so envious
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Blackcolour Photographer
Wow brilliant ! love the title too, its great.
A defonate fave
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katarthisHobbyist Writer
Your work has Never been boring. As always the level of little details... small things such as hair, pebbles, ripples in a pond... these are what have always drawn us into your work. It isn't the mere magic of the subject at hand... animals, anthros, weres, people of fantasy, are all to be observed everywhere we turn. It is the remarkable detail, and your ability to make them come alive on the pages, enough for us to believe in them, that make your subjects so very special.

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I love how it's not a normal wolf, the werewolf makes it ten times more interesting. I also love the crouching position it's in, the back legs are much neater than that of a normal wolf's back legs. I have no idea if that made any sense to you xD

Good job!
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nice one... i like that he has so dynamic position, as he was in hury ("they not gonna get me..." or something like that)
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Bahaa-styleStudent Digital Artist
رفیع المسوتی
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Boostergirl18111Hobbyist General Artist
Wowwww :wow: Thats great!
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