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Some paths cross in life and part ways, others become entangled with your own or leave their mark in indelible ways. It's always unexpected and something that would leave you with a void if suddenly removed. My path recently crossed with such a spirit, whose a word..vitality has been a fount of inspiration for me. You can't put this into words and maybe it needn't be but I am just grateful for the chance to know this person and to watch them bloom.

Thank you Maquenda.

I painted this without expectation of it ever going anywhere. I think more than anything I just wanted to paint something without knowing what would come of it. The bonus was that something did turn out and I had a great time seeing it through. Sometimes spontaneity reminds you why you love creating and sometimes you need to be reminded.

A random thought to add. When we look at birds and their not so infrequent abuse(;D) of the color spectrum, we regard it as natural..because it is. Mammals are not wildly colored and hence I think when we see fantasy depictions of mammalian animals garbed in vibrant pigments, we often can't bridge the gap of disbelief(and frequently to great effect). But, I guess that's why when I sought out to paint her, I pictured her feathered instead of furred -though this is a recurring vein in my work.

tools: Photoshop and Wacom Intuos 2
Size: 6000x4100 at 300ppi
Time taken: Done over the course of a week
Prints: yes C: over yonder: : Spira Mirabilis Store
Other places you can find me: : Tumblr for sketches and wip’s! : Twitter… : Facebook: Works in progress, commercial, sketches, and more! : Online Store: Prints, originals, and more
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There is a company on Instagram stealing your work…

I’m so sorry! Theft is so frustrating and upsetting to deal with.
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This is gorgeous! I love how you drew the fur.
Perfect work of art.. I might even just go have this done as a tattoo. in fact I've booked it in ... This is going to be my next tattoo Thank you for your awesome inspiration and Incredible skill .. May the universe bless you in ways unimaginable. Just love each other .it's simple. 
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May I have permission to use your art like any of your arts. I'll give full credit and I'm only using it for a fandom website Called Animal Jam clans wiki. Witch is a roleplaying site that uses banners like art's from deviant art for designs for the pages called banners. Which I like your art so that's why I'm requesting.
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This is outstanding artwork :clap:
Love it :love:
Unfortunately, I had to find out that this piece did not
belong to a group on FB LavenderMoon. It did mention you as artist, but
did not credit you with a link as well :(
Thanks to Gwyneth ( Pendragon-Arts ) she pointed it out to me.
(There's a link in the comment of hers below)
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My god... this is amazing... soooo beautiful... I am so happy I found it but sadly I did because it is stolen on FB and I searched out the artist. It is listed here on FB along with tons of other work from other great artists:…
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"Done over the course of a week" well when you breathe your creations I guess that's possible.  Stunning.
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This is absolutely stunning!!! :D
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This is gorgeous
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hey! I don't know if you know or mind, but I found this on a wallpaper website,… ,
and I thought that maybe I should pass it along. It might have been posted by you, but maybe not?

anyway, This is amazing and I think you deserve to be credited!
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Hello! I've included this wonderful piece in my journal art feature here! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!a
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Love it
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My favorite amongst my favorites ! My heart started racing after seeing this drawing the first time ! So moving. Love it, and love you for it !Heart 
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This is so beautiful ;__;
* GASP *  ....................Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! 
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