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'The Leopard Sun' Cover

By balaa

I have been rather quiet on Deviantart these days! I guess there is this sense of feeling constantly overwhelmed by the constant "newness" of it all (the features, the people, the vastness of this creative collective). Deviantart, however, was my first gallery site and once the seemingly insurmountable layers are peeled away, I remember. I remember you all and what you meant to me when I was just getting started in the wide world (web heehee). This, in the face of the endless churn in the name of progress, has, after all, not changed.

And so I would lament not to share here the project my husband Lorien(Bagheera) and I have been working on over the course of some years.  It was Deviantart that brought us together and started us on the shared path of discovering the story that had, before then, been his own endeavor. It was a humble note on Deviantart that invited me into the story that would come to be called The Leopard Sun and perhaps even the seed of why we came to share all things in life.


And so we now begin on a journey larger than I ever dreamed, more daunting than I can imagine, and most of all an awakening to who we have the potential to grow into because of it.  I hope you all will join us and lend us your curiosity, your grace of words and your company.


We invite you into story of The Leopard Sun


Join us along on the following sites:

Patreon: For more information about what The Leopard Sun is and info on exclusive perks and lifetime unlockables for joining us on Patreon.

Facebook: If you can’t justify the above, join us on Facebook! Patreon is not meant to be a paywall or to keep people from experiencing the story so much as it is a stepping stone to help us keep bills paid and free up time we otherwise would not have to dedicate to The Leopard Sun. But we plan to share our adventure on Facebook as well!



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Zazzine's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the gold.
Joe1313's avatar
That is frame it hang on my wall awesome.
fringeperson's avatar
This book, I will but it!  Dry Season Only has been a wonderful experience for me and the friends I gifted it to for Christmas.  I look forward to the some-day completion of this as well.  Now... do I have money to help fund you until then...

Also, this is gorgeous.  Completely stunning.  I love it.
balaa's avatar
Thank you so much for coming back here to say you enjoyed Dry Season only! We so enjoyed putting it together and everytime someone takes a moment to say they too enjoyed what we created, well that just puts a pep in our step for a long time to come!  

And thank you for the absolutely kind words on this art. We hope it will be something that people can care about as much as we care about the world and characters to tell it.
RNDave's avatar
Love your style, as always :clap:
balaa's avatar
Thank you so much for taking a moment to say so! i appreciate it!
PPPub's avatar
Very cool. Love it.
balaa's avatar
Thank you so much for saying so!!!!
siritasprite's avatar
Oh this is beautiful, lovely colour combo and overall composition!
balaa's avatar
Thank you very very much!
Psydrache's avatar
A stunning artwork O.o I can't describe my feelings about that drawing better, because I don't know enough words.
And what a lovely story about you and your husband <3

I'm also a Deviant for 13 years, but my skills didn't grow as fast like yours. But it's cool to see "older" mebers here as well. I hope you will stay a long time here ^-^
balaa's avatar
Oh gosh, well what a wonderfully humbling and uplifting comment to receive!!! I can't say what hearing this means to me on a very personal level!!!

And I am always thrilled to run into a Deviant who has shared the path here for as long as I have! The place feels so overwhelmingly enormous sometimes that I feel lost and alone in it. It is a warm feeling to know we, none of us, are!
Psydrache's avatar

Yeah, 13 years are a long time. Suddenly someone "disappears" or I stumble over an old artwork of a person I followed once and then I think: What does that person now in life?"
I know, we all have our lifes and grow older and/or turn into adults. But it's interesting to see people grow with their artwork. And it's nice not to be "alone" here, as you said. Let's see if we are still here in another 13 years ;D
balaa's avatar
balaa's avatar
Thank you!!!
Davian-Art's avatar
No worries ! You're welcome !
balaa's avatar
Thank you!!!!!!!
balaa's avatar
Thank you for the Zesty Zebra!
KhaliaArt's avatar
Wow. This is epic.
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