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Wow I am terrible at uploading things in a timely manner! I just came across this in my folders and realized I never uploaded it for some reason!

Some of you may have seen this at MFF 2016 as the mini program guide cover or in the art show. The kind folks of Furfest graciously invited my husband   Bagheera and myself to be guests of honor for the 2016 convention. We were beyond flattered and had an incredible time! Thank you again to all the magnificent MFF staff and volunteers who made this con one of our best, if not the very best, convention experience we have ever had!

2016 did not have a specific theme so of course that left only one obvious option, SNOW LEOPARDS and Tibetan things.

Thank you all for stopping by and looking!
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This is so very beautiful, the way the leopard's pattern relates to the mountain pattern is really cool, the leopard herself is just gorgeous, and the Tibetan flags drew me in...I recently read a beautifully illustrated graphic novel called Man of Peace about the Dalai Lama's life, and saw Tibetan Yellow Hat monks visiting here in Laguna Beach who shared their traditional singing, debating, and made a sand mandala. I learned so much about the heartbreaking situation of Tibet and love to see it celebrated here in this image. 
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this is so marvelious :love:Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]
makes you thinking Llama Emoji-51 (Content) [V3] 
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Totally in love with this masterpiece, congratulations :clap: :+fav:
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it remind me uncharted 2
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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You deserve that DD :D
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Yes! This totally deserved a DD I'm glad I found it beforehand!
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:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
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Excellent work, amazing piece!
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Stunning set.
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I love your work so much <3
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This is seriously like something i've seen in one of my daydreams! Absolutely incredible!
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Every time I see the word Sentinel, I think of…
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This is truly just beyond gorgeous.
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The contrasts in textures, windswept grass and fur are very nice. I like how the character acts like a bridge between the sky and the earth sprinkling stars down as specs of snow. And those mountains, very crisp! If you don’t mind me asking what does the ribbon on the back of the character represent? (Are they wings?) And the little blue stone does it have a meaning or is it just for decoration/ornamentation?  Both the character and the temple with flags are very powerful and my eye jumps back from one to the other.

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Hi there! Thank you so very much for the thoughtful energizing comment! I appreciate it so much! As to your questions, I think in the context the ribbons are decorative cloth, assuming it came undone a bit by the pull of the wind. The little blue stones are also a mirror of motifs used in Tibetan jewelry <:. Thank you again!
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Thank you for the knowledge. And your most welcome. :)
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