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Savuti: An Introduction

(ooop, forgot to post this here! A sort of introduction to something I have been working on in my free time. I don't want to say more than that since talk, as they say, is cheap! )

An introduction.

As the coils of the snake are written into the folding and crossing lines of sand, their end and their beginning neither to be known, as are our lives. And as the wind blows and sweeps the snake's path clean, the story is forgotten and at last told anew.

..though, never the same way again.
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MoniquePalmerine's avatar
wow... beautiful colors and very impresive sky
TabloidJunkie's avatar
Oh, this reminds me of the books I used to read and love as a kid. Gets me really nostalgic. :heart:
beautiful work... thanx for sharing your gift:))
Wonderful painting. Love Africa, love cats, love this.
Maxxillius's avatar
You make me think you are one of those people who thought you were never good then you got on here tried your best and made your art what really comes out of you. You are an amazing artist i bet you know that but i want you to know i am in love with oyur art and you inspire me to keep on going with what i do now. I want to get as good as you. You are extordinary. Deffinetly. :3 welp bye now!! ^^
balaa's avatar
Thank you for such a very lovely comment. If creation is akin to breathing for you..if you feel trapped unless you are creating and feel like you are flying when you do create, never stop! Don't ever feel disheartened if you see art you feel is better than yours. Never feel like you can't reach that level because you can. You just have to want it and never stop wanting it. But don't do it to be better than someone. Don't do it for anyone else but yourself. It's not a's an experience and a lifelong journey C=. Dream and you will soar!
Maxxillius's avatar
Thank you very much your so inspirational :P
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Really enjoying the "wheel of stars" effect. :nod:
Strong composition and good graphic impact. Beautiful work.
Lain3y's avatar
Ahh reminds me of The Lion King! :'D One of my absolute favorite Disney movies. <3
This is really beautiful~ (:
SarcasticRABBIT's avatar
I honestly cannot stop staring at this.<3
IndigoAssassin's avatar
Love the sky and the lighting in particular.
Archon89's avatar
Really beautiful!! :love:
L3gu's avatar
penus langus???
Kohakuro's avatar
*jawdrop* so amazing <3
Lobo-the-Wolf's avatar
love your real style. :)
HelloWishbone's avatar
love the sky!! this is beautiful!!!
meihua's avatar
Wow, she sure stood there for a long time! Nice work, I like how you managed to portray the passage of time in a static image :)
Sounddrive's avatar
This is beautiful~!
Maroonz80's avatar
OMG I love the lions of Savuti!! Awesome lion!!
DJ88's avatar
Soo beautiful!
AsatrArt's avatar
Cool! I'm also keeping something I've been working on in the dark, I just think it adds to how interesting the comic is! :D
I'm excited for whatever you have in store for us!
cocoa-cumulus's avatar
this is absolutely beautiful! i'm so inspired by this!
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