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Lune's Lament

I could not post this until now :). Cover art for I was privileged to do for a literary anthropomorphic themed magazine called Renard's Menagerie. You may visit the site to find out more about the magazine at: [link]

The cover imagery is meant to depict one of the stories from the issue.

Well this was a challenge in more ways than one. I don't typically paint people for one..and of course wolves aren't something often seen from me as well but overall I really enjoyed painting this piece and learning as I went along. Some stock photos were also used to mesh with the painted elements. I have been leery of using stock photos in combination with painted elements as I still have mixed feelings on the matter...but even that in itself turned out to be a learning experience. I also worked smaller than I usually do for such paintings.

Size: 10x6.5" at 300 dpi
Tools: photoshop & graphics tablet
Time: ? Can't really say
Prints: 8x10 available through my, 10$ plus S&H, pm or e-mail me if interested

Critique: I welcome constructive criticism but I am also fully aware of the flaws in this I have been sitting on it for over a year now!
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library9's avatar
dark and beautiful a sparkle night 
Avaze-Zolhusky's avatar
Wow that's amazing.
caroline0neill's avatar
this is totally wonderful 
wow this is awesome
esil-aisa-96's avatar
i really love the wolfs eyes :3
SpazzAttack96's avatar
O.O This is amazing!
Acura0000's avatar
this is so beautiful!
Ely79's avatar
So lunar, sad and romantic!
bubblegumlol's avatar
i luv the way u did the wolf and her hair
SiiLvAH's avatar
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
K-oji's avatar
Especially wolves but I :heart: wolves ^_^
ultimatede's avatar
great piece! i especially love the scars you added on the wolf's snout. very cool
skinwalker3's avatar
this is really inspiring..
VannaSig's avatar
It's lovely. Will fave. :)
awsmdragonqueen's avatar
the wolf's eyes are particular striking. almost convey a sense of innocence/awe. :heart:
Dkelabirath's avatar
Incredible emotion on her face - beautiful!
Please let me know if the woman was from stock? If so, I'd love to see it :)
balaa's avatar
No it wasn't stock, most of her was made up with a few refs to help guide me x}.
Dkelabirath's avatar
In that case this is even more extraordinary. I adore the realistic expression.
Spoofty5's avatar
Wow, just wow, this is so beautiful
Smokey-desperado's avatar
*stares* Oh my-- !! :O

It is AWESOME, it really is.
I actually had to look behind my back, just in case :D

Only thing that seems a bit wrong in this picture is maybe the woman's hand. It seems to be left hand but looks like it's coming from the right. But this whole pic is so great that that kind of little thing doesn't pop up from it.
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