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In the Embrace of Dawn

A private commission thats been a bit overdue! This year has been so full of ups and downs, I've just not been an overall reliable commissioner to deal with. HOPEFULLY that will change or I'm afraid I will have to stop taking commissions. For all those that have been waiting on me in one fashion or another, I'm sorry folks, I am trying to sort out things and get back into my normal groove.

A pair of lovers bask in the secluded warmth of an early morning sun. This piece took quite some time, and was, more than anything, a learning process. Mostly I learned 1. refine your sketch before you jump into painting it, or pay the consequences later. Go me for being a slow learner. 2. More is less, ugh I always end up learning the easier ways to do things after I end up making a ton of mistakes. Eh oh well. I had fun painting these 2 guys, and yes one of them is a grey tiger with red eyes, not a shadow saturated white tiger XD!

As always, there are things I wish I had done differently, things that drive me NUTS in the final piece and etc. But one must learn when to stop working on a piece for fear of losing their sanity or ruining the piece with frustration.

Technical Details:

Time taken: ?
Size: 20x30 inches at 300 dpi
Prints: yes, jumbo prints available in limited numbers, 8x10 prints 10$ US plus 3$ shipping & handling within the continental US (pm me if interested)
Watermark: eh unfortunately yes, printed version will be watermark free.

Critique discouraged for this piece since I a don't intend to go back and work on it again. Helpful critique to keep in mind for future pieces is ALWAYS welcome :).
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How sweet and lovely.

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This would be so beautiful if not for that other tigers color scheme, it just doesn't jive well with the greens and yellows of the background IMO. Still amazing work. I suppose that's just the nature of commissions...
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I mean contrast can be nice but it's jarring when the rest of the artwork just radiates serenity.
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Wish I could edit on mobile, I'm referring to the red eyes specifically.

Nature has always had a really good aesthetic sense IMO. But I guess some people get attached to their bizarrely coloured critters.
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Outstanding artwork.
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Awh that's awesome!! ^_^
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What a beautiful piece! I like how the red of the gray tiger stands out against it's dark fur! Nice work! Clap 
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Tiger - My absolute favorite animal on earth. So incredibly stunning. Love it!
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The tigers, especially the brown one, are absolutely magnificent!
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That is sooo Awsome!
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wirklich sehr sehr schön geworden wirklich
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[link] You were featured here!
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Thats incredible *O* Its just what can is say amazing!
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Hi! :wave:

Your beautiful work has been featured in my journal here: [link] :heart:

Greetings! :aww:
wow that is just beautiful. love the detal
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This is just breath taking.. *purs* I wanna cuddle wif dem too.
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