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Fearful Beauty


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Dangerous Intimacy, fearful beauty.

This is actually an unfinished piece from...oooh looks like November of 2007. I have had various personal and health issues that have been keeping me fairly tied up and so there are a good few pieces sitting unfinished on my pc. This was one I suddenly felt the need to finish and I am happy I did so as I think it lit a well needed fire in me...or at least a flame anyway.

Thank you to all those that continue to follow this account and to give your valuable time to stop by and look at my work. You remind me why I should continue to share and create this work..

(The character depicted is my liger self/totem etc, though her features have shifted to become more Tigonish in nature.)

Size: 5700x3500 pixels at 300 dpi
Tools: Wacom Bamboo and PS CS3
Original sketch: [link]
detail shots: [link] , [link]
Prints: absolutely
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greenanac0nda's avatar
Tiger Tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night. What Immortal hand or eye... Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
wolfess1234's avatar
i usually only love canine drawings but this is amazing
Jinxiwillow's avatar
If the politicians had not fired us all here in the US, I would soo order some of your art work.
x-infernale's avatar
LisaMarie124's avatar
Frightening yet beautiful
S0NAR's avatar
I love tigers and you have made it so beautiful
Osaph's avatar
Nice). Wow..)
your entire gallery is inspirational thank you
karliosi's avatar
great work, can't wait to see the finished piece.
Maxxillius's avatar
My jaw literatly droped when i saw this. I was like oh my god oh my god oh my god x3 :D I love this very beautiful <3............
Colorfulmoongato's avatar
That is Jaw Dropping!!
BlueDragonART's avatar
you are an amazing animal artist.
Its beuatifull, as i look at the picture i thought he see you.. it is as it would the picture real.... you are a awesome artist!!!!
PlumeDeLoup's avatar
Stunning and Amazing ! :D
Creepercirquedufreak's avatar
tigers are sooo pretty!! its too bad their endangered *curses* STUPID POACHERS
Henva's avatar
:iconhurrhurrplz: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
ilovemycupcake's avatar
I love the intensity of the tiger's face!!! Absoultly amazing!!!
6Bloody6Riddles6's avatar
The colors are beautiful. Perfect work <3
Lambaskis's avatar
I love the way he fills the picture. :)
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
Absouletly amazing and brilliant!
chotabear's avatar
"Fearful Beauty" Perfect title. He is some beauty !!! Magnificent !!!
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