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Dapper Werewolves
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Published: January 23, 2018
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Sometime last year a very good friend of mine, Snala, offered to lend me her entire collection of oil paints from her days in college. I had told her I was meaning to dabble with oils for a long time but the cost of getting started was one of the reasons I allowed myself to procrastinate further. The set was not just a box of paints, brushes and mediums but a gateway to a new horizon for me.  

I discovered almost immediately that everything I had found frustrating with digital art in the last few years nearly disappeared as I played with the oil paints. That's not to say there wasn't a learning curve, there absolutely was/is, but I felt an exhilaration in painting that I had been missing recently in my digital work.

I've had an incredibly busy year between my day job, my work on The Leopard Sun, and a few other ventures I have scrambled to put together to hopefully start paving the way for financial stability, but doing small practice oil paintings like these in my downtime was a breath of fresh air!

These two also inspired a bigger project that will be coming together over the course of the year. I'm excited to work towards it and begin to hone my skills with oil paints! I'm currently wrapping up work on some outstanding commissions and am eager to get rolling with my scheme!

(The piece on the left was done as a birthday gift for my bestie Wicked Sairah, the piece on the right was just for fun using an old sketch I had done years prior!)

details: 8x10 oval canvas + oil paints.
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kaseylsnowProfessional Digital Artist
I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed your first foray into oils! It's refreshing sometimes to switch back and forth between traditional and digital, so hopefully you have found new inspiration in your new medium!
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Attack-At-DawnHobbyist General Artist
you did so wonderful with yer try at oils, and I just love the unique faces of these canines <3
Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
Attack-At-DawnHobbyist General Artist
man, that is beautiful!
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KingpoofHobbyist General Artist
I am loving how these look :love:
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Ravenheart001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fancy boi
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KoeskullHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, I recently got oil paints as well and have been a bit afraid to try them out. Acrylic tends to drive me nuts because of the difficulty blending.
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balaaProfessional General Artist
Oh boy will you love oils then! That was my biggest frustration with acrylics; they dried so fast that you could not return to a part of a painting to reblend it. I realize there are retarders for acrylics, but oils are just so much more...buddery *___*.
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badass-doctorHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, your art is really awesome!
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ZaphkiellaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, traditional media is begging you to return to her :D
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ArtJournal77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He looks so important lol

Cool painting!
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OOOh I love those subtle color shifts!
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wilderNwideProfessional General Artist
Amazing paintings <3
Very lovely and original old-school looking style <3
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JessiReneeProfessional General Artist
So fancy - I love their expressions :D
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thomas-thornProfessional Traditional Artist
The one on the right is better
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MaquendaStudent Digital Artist
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BeakBonkStudent Digital Artist
how kind
thomas-thorn's avatar
thomas-thornProfessional Traditional Artist
the irony is that your insinuation is unkind, whereas my comment was not unkind. thus you are intellectually and morally inferior
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BeakBonkStudent Digital Artist
oe noe  ill just let myself out then
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Extreme levels of class! 
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Fantastic! Great job.
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AridaxProfessional Digital Artist
Soo good!! I'd be interested to hear more about your experience with oils vs digital! Very fascinating.
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imke14Student Filmographer
These look amazing! 
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