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Sloth on the Moon

By Bakus-design
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Nill Armslow, the first sloth on the Moon !!!

Check the Iphone and Ipad cases, pillows, shirts here:…
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I sent this to at less 15 people today we’ll using airdrop on my iPhone XD
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so youre the guy who made this image huh
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I'm so glad that in 2017 the description will be 100% factually accurate.
One of the comments said you were owed traffic and I agreed. So here.... here's some traffic. You're welcome. 

Edit: Turns out I had to make a whole account for you, and now I'm "watching" you...
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It's going to the mooooooooooooooooooon
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Just so you're aware, Reddit has decided that this deviation will be loaded onto Lunar Mission One and sent to the Moon:…

Outer Space Art!
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I will buy a canvas, but alas, I have no money.
Maybe one day Sloth on the Moon
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Lmao, this is perfect 
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Someones using this on ETSY, is that you?
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Thanks Ashley for pointing it out. Unfortunately there are tons of people that sell products with this image without permission everywhere. Karma will take care of it :)
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I hope so. People stealing other peoples talent is annoying. :D
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oh it's buzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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I cant breathe!
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Relax your muscles...everything will be alright
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i have this picture framed in my room
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That's great. If you bought it from me, thank you very much!!! If not, may God forgive your soul, but enjoy it :)
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