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Twilight Sparkle Beach Fun

Hurrah for summer!

Sorry for not posting anything for so long, a lot of stuff has been going on. But I will try to post art more often now and try to get back into the swing of things.

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Even the owl likes the beach!

...Those trunks look a bit big for Spike, though...
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Spike isn't worried, he knows he always looks good.

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Twilight looks super cute and pretty happy there :)
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Thanks! I was trying something a bit different with this Twi's design, a bit more cartoony. I don't know if I was completely successful but I'm glad you like it!
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Yes. Oddly enough they can. I googled it and found a neat video.

Sure the owl is swimming slowly, but I think it's graceful in a bobbing feathery cork kind of way.

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So that's why Owlowliscious was wearing swimming goggles!
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Really nice to see the busy little princess and her assistants taking a day to just enjoy themselves. Twilight is super adorable with that big cheerful smile for us as she effortlessly carries all their stuff. Cute bathing suit too. Spike looks too-cool in his shades, though the big swim trunks add the right touch of dorkiness to suit him. Poochy Owloysius seems pretty cool as he hangs on, but I'm sure he'll be snoozing away mostly, but the beach is a very good place for that still. (BTW, the updates with zilvart's suggestions make it brighter and lovelier, more like the moment than a photo. Nicely applied.) Thanks for the great summer's day scene.
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Thank you as always for the in-depth comment! Sorry for the late reply, this week was pretty hectic at work.

I'm glad you liked Sunglasses Spike, he is the major reason I was able to see this picture to completion! I have been in a bit of an art funk recently do to various depressing things in life. I've been doodling a lot but haven't actually had the will-power to see a picture through. But as soon as I doodled that Spike I knew that I had to finish this one.
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Sorry to hear that things have been a bit down for you lately, which sadly seems to be going around a lot lately. However, that makes it even better that you got to finish something you could really enjoy. I hope things only improve from here.
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Wonderful work
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Thank you kindly!
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Thank ya kindly! It's nice painting a cute pony again after a long break.
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That's good to know!
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Spike! where u even get that from XD
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Fun scene :D Think im gonna follow you and see how far you can go:O gotta keep up too as not to loose to ya haha:P anyway I think the light is way too dim everywhere. if i were you id separate the focal point from the background by increasing the contrast. having something dark behind something light and the other way around is also a good idea but you can also just increase the darkness and bring up the lights 

one way to make accurate light is with color dodge and have it on a dark red so it automaticly makes the midtone more saturated andbrighten up the pic you can run the same effect for the saturation between the divider of light to shadow

but unly use this effect where the light is stronger.

you made this pic more accurate value vise years ago  Summer Laptop Melancholy by Bakuel  why did you not continue to use those darks?
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Thanks for the in-depth comment!

I agree with you that I could push the bright colors a bit more, I am very indecisive when choosing light sources. For outdoor bright light pics this is especially noticeable. I went back and brightened the sky a bit and also brightened up the sand in the background. I also added a bit more shadows to accent the picture. But I don't plan to tweak the picture anymore, I'm sticking a fork in it.

For darks, I really don't like the darks on my old pics. I do need to learn to add more darks to the right places to accent objects in crevices and so on, but I don't really like very dark colors in cartoon paintings. In that old painting for example there seems to be zero bounce light at all and the darks just seem blackish and boring. I'm still very much learning, but I am just aiming for something different as far as dark vs light colors. At times things may seem washed out when I do it badly though, but it's all a work in progress.

There is nothing wrong with the darker style, there are many artist who are very good with dark colors. But it's just not my cup of tea.

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I like it is now is way better I really like the improvements you made XD and ye i only referenced your old pic for the values used becasue they were better not the colors. the colors wasnt too great.
dont you think it looks a lot better when separating the focal point from the background through contrast? you dont need to go overboard just like you did is a great improvement I think.

yea You can add some darkjer colors without really making the pic feel dark. what oyu waannt is the contrast. irl generally the lighter the lightsource the darker the shadows in comparison to the light. 

if its cloudy and no sun looking through for instance than the lighting is usually a lot dimmer thus the contrast between light and shadow is lower

and yes its a good idea to experiment with where you add light and dark objects in a scene. generally you want to put something slightly darker behind something light and the other way around if an object is darker valued.
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I'm glad you like the changes! After a good night's rest I awoke and read your critique and it really helped me push the image a little further.

If I get the critique fast enough I'm not above just spending a couple of more hours on a picture tweaking this and that. For older pictures it's harder getting into the painting again. If that makes sense.
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