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Capricorn Pony in the House of Waters

:iconpinkiesmile2plz: :iconsaysplz:Those born underneath the sign of the mighty fish-goat pony are blessed with mysterious powers~!

:iconscootplz: :iconsaysplz: Are they good swimmers?

:iconsweetiebelleyayplz: :iconsaysplz: I bet they get crazy water magic!

:iconapplebloomapplesplz: :iconsaysplz: Yes! I bet they get sea-pony powers!

:iconpinkielieplz: :iconsaysplz: Don't be silly! You wouldn't get any water powers! The goat fish is obviously earth element, not water. Instead ponies born under this sign are very skilled at digging holes and ditches and making mud pies.


I personally always liked the constellation of the goat fish. Not because I was born under it or anything, I just like it because it's a goat fish. I also liked the Hasbro zodiac ponies, so I went ahead and painted the goat fish pony.

The constellation that we call Capricorn has a long and somewhat mysterious history dating back to ancient Mesopotamia where it was a sign of Enki, a civilizing god of fresh water, springs and irrigation as well as buildings, arts, crafts and magic. Even though the Greeks and Romans tried to make it relevant to their culture and religion, identifying it at times with the god Pan, it has always stubbornly remained a goat fish without any explanation.

Sometimes, on clear nights, I like to look for the constellation, and imagine the mighty lonely goat fish. Outliving it's god and civilization, no more interesting stories and myths, shunning popular associations, a strange archaic culture meme imprinted on the night sky. Bereft of meaning but still hanging on. It's inspiring really.

In Hindu culture the constellation has better luck, there it's the Makara, a crocodile mythical beasty type thingy which is still a very relevant symbol. And January 14 is Makar Sankranti, the first day of the sun's transition into Makara/Capricorn! Which makes this Capricorn Pony picture totally relevant!

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Very cute and pretty! <3
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Thank ya kindly! :D
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Not only is she a pretty lovely little goat-pony, but I also adore the liveliness in her pose as she razzes her reflection. It's great to see the mischievous little mare having so much fun. Great work on her form and all the little details. Neat mane & tail style, and the way you braided it is really cool.


The ornate old bath house is pretty awesome too, obviously well maintained even if its showing its age. The lighting is lovely too, from the ripples at her hoof, the shine in her eyes, and the near-midday sunlight barely reaching inside. Cute goat-fish logo too. Now I just wonder what the cuneiform script says. (I saw a cool video about it, but I wouldn't know how to begin translating it properly.)


Thanks for the lovely, playful fun.
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Thank you kindly for the comment!

The cuneiform is just the name of Enki (later called Ea) the god with the goat fish symbol, or at least it's his written name according to an old website hosted by the BBC. It's probably not written very well, I don't know that much about cuneiform other then how complicated it is, far too many characters to remember for me. I do know that the first glyph means god, heaven or divine. I don't know about the other two, I think the last one might be an "a"? I don't know.

  That video was very fascinating, thanks for sharing! I never realized that cuneiform was made by indenting with just a few basic stylus positions (or should it be stylus strokes?) like that, it makes the little lines and wedges make a lot more sense. I mean, sure you read about that stuff but seeing it action really makes it click together in your head.
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Best Ponyscope (although I'm a Virgo myself, I love the Capricorn pony best)
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Thank you kindly! The Capricorn is best zodiac pony to me too! I also love the cancer pony because crab claws.
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HUZZAH!!!!  For I myself am a CAPRICORN (very, VERY Capricorn, with all the characteristics to a very-exaggerated degree, in fact!) and so now I have this wonderful art-piece representing my sign!  So another mighty HUZZAH!!

:happybounce::happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap      Clap   :happybounce:   Clap   :happybounce:   Clap  
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I'm glad you like it! Think of it as a late/early birthday gift!
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I'm capricorn yay~
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Yay! Think of this Capricorn pony picture as a gift to all of the magical goat fish of the world! Keep being awesome Capricorns!
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thankies you too :heart:
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Cute, as always! The composition is really well done, too. A solid piece.

What's that written on the wall?
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Thank you kindly! The wall writing is just Enki written in cuneiform, or at least that's what the BBC says. I think it's Akkadian cuneiform, but I'm not sure. Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 

 The whole environment is built off of the idea that Enki had a temple called the "House of Water" located in Eridu that had an entrance pool. Water is always fun, so I painted it.
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Ah! I was wondering if it was some sort of inside joke, reference, or easter egg ^^ Thanks for the reply!

It is a pretty swanky environment indeed! Looks like an old-timey bathhouse =)
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I love this tail *__*
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Thank you! The original Hasbro design had a generic background pony hairstyle, so I tried jazzing it up a bit. I'm really glad you like it, I was half-afraid I had gone too far down the fancy pony hair rabbit hole.
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