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Bats in Your Mane

Actually, once the shock wears out, it's just pretty annoying. And it simply takes ages to get them out.

This one should have been finished last week, but I was so busy with work that I had could find any time to paint that weekend. But here it is now.
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Flutters is so cute in this pic! X3
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See Rarity this is why you don't import haircare products from Trotslyvania!
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Was that in the show?

Because that's a country that needs to be in the show.
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NOt offically.. but m aybe if htey do another FLutterbat episode it will be ^_^
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Thanks! I really should draw Fluttershy more often. She needs more love.

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Charming as all get out.
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Rarity is not amused
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Serves you right for having a soft mane Rare'! :dummy:
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Rarity's mane is probably the softest outside of flowing magic princess hair. She probably can't go anywhere without people trying to touch it.
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wow beautiful =)=)=) <3
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you very welcome my friend =)=)=)=)=) <3
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Flutterbat and her fellow bats are so cute! Rarity is having a bat day. ;P
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Thanks for the kind words! :D

"bat day"?
oh you!
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You're welcome! Aw shucks, I try. :D
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