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Applejack Draws With Pinkie Pie!


"Ooooo~! What are you drawing there, Applejack?!"

"Henie, I'nrgh hu raw'ere"


"I see a horn! And wings! It's a PRINCESS!! But who?!"

"Hnlight Er-kle"


"Princess Hinelight Urkle?.... I thought we all agreed that alicorn OCs were a bad thing, remember?"


Revisiting an idea, AJ doing art.

This time Applejack is drawing with Pinkie Pie, which as we have seen, is also a budding pony artist. Applejack needed to share her drawings with somepony in the end I guess. Drawing is always better with a friend! 

Much like the last time I drew Applejack drawing, this is a more experimental piece. The last time time I tried to work with desaturated colors. This time I tried to work with a *little* more saturated colors. The simple background was also done (badly) in grayscale first, which is also a new one for me, as I generally go directly from the line sketch to color. I need to work in grayscale more often as it was very interesting. Pinkie Pie's hair is big. And the hair shape is off-model. But most of my pony hair is off model anyway so it fits I guess. Still at least now I have a picture with Pinkie Pie in my gallery! Now all I need is a Fluttershy picture.

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i think it twilight she drawing
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
Love your methods on the hay XD
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Earthpony power! :iconpinkiesmileplz:
Love this piece :heart:
Bakuel's avatar
Earth ponies are best ponies!
Thank you! :D
AdriaXwolf's avatar
:iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz: I am 100% pure earthpony!
and yw :huggle:
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Aww, this is an adorable follow-up to the original. It seems very fitting to the characters.

:iconajawkwardsmileplz::iconsaysplz:You've got to Pinkie-promise you won't tell Dash.
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Thank you for the kind words! :D

And yes, pinkie pie is best promise keeper.
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dang realized you also did…

I could see this happening.

cute and finely drawn ponys.

Note that a VERY long tail.

the carbon is likely to smudge now its under her fore leg (from experience with pencil's) and dirt's not a great base to draw on (but now i really am over thinking it).

love it all in all.
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Thank you for the kind words! :D
Yep, I should have included the link in the description. I should do that right now.

And yes I know, she will smudge her drawings. The pure amount of accidentally smudged drawings and doodles I have dealt with growing up is legendary. The horrible amateur curse of trying to use the paper as anchor for the arm, sure, I knew it'll smudge, but I would just tell myself that I would be "extra" careful. If I could go send one message back in time to myself it would simply be, "Just keep your blasted arm off your paper you sloppy goober!" But I didn't know what I was doing. Applejack is probably just stumbling through it without instruction as well, probably leaning in close to add details to the face, only later will she realize she smudged Twilight's legs. For the dirty ground though, I agree. If I was thinking I would have given her a clip board or a small drawing board or something like that to draw on. 

Long tails are one of my great faults, I'll keep an eye on it next time around.
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:iconapplejackisayplz: most wellcome sir.

aye indeed I know that experience.

extra tip the CMs are a bit small.
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Cute and wonderful!
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Awww, Pinkie was colorin' balloons!
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Applejack drawing? That is not something we would see her doing often. I see that you reproduced what was written in Pinkie's carnet in Castle-mania. Was it the scene where we saw Pinkie coloring that inspired you to draw this?

Beautiful work
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Thank you for the kind words! :D
You're right, for Pinkie I was inspired by Castle-mania and the season opener were she's coloring. Applejack drawing comes from "Spike at Your Service". There is a part near the end when they are planning the fake timber wolf attack and Applejack is making dirt drawings. I found the drawings a little *too* amusing.
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Hmm... try as I might, I cannot understand what AJ is saying the first time.
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It's no surprise, that was me trying to type out what I sounded like while speaking with a wacom pen in my mouth. 
She's saying, "Pinkie, I'm trying to draw here!" Earth and Pegasus ponies have it hard with the whole mouth-penmanship thing. I mean, who doesn't like to talk while drawing?
Their art live-streams are probably very weird.
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You mean you experimented it yourself to make sure you rendered it properly? That's some dedication right there!
Yeah, this has always struck me as odd and impractical. Even considering they could get very dexterous with their mouths after exercising for some time (the same way we learn penmanship), it's gotta be unpleasant to drool all over your pen/pencil/quill/crayon...
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D'awww, great drawing. I love it! :love:
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Awwww, AJ looks so cute :meow:
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Soooooo cute!
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That is really cute. Looks very nice too! Great job :D
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Thank you for the kind words! :D
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