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"While besides the water bank,

Some nasty mare attacked my flank.


Dressed in an lion's skin,

She must have stalked me from my den.


Knocking me into the water face first,

She helped me satisfy my thirst.


Personally, I think your prank is lame,

Applejack, lions are no game."

Applelion is queen of the savanna!

I was working on another CMC picture, but had to take a break to paint Applelion in honor of her official debut. Thus I made Appleloin in her natural habitat, preying on zebras.

I'm happy with this one mainly because of how fast it came together, I doodled it out Friday night and I sunk around 10 hours into it between then and now. That's extremely fast for me. Even though I didn't watch the leaked "Scare Master" I *did* indulge myself in looking at the costumes of the mane six and assorted wonderful arts which featured them. Sadly, I haven't seen many pictures of Princess Twilight Derpy. Someone needs to get on that.

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Wait if she's a mare when she's a pony shouldn't she be a lioness when she's a lion?

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Chibi Zecora Icon I didn't know you had a death wish Applejack
             Stop acting like this or you may end flat on your back
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^I need Zecora to sing this too Applejack pronto XD
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I didn't know that song existed! :lol:
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AppleJack, dear old friend
You are now, drunk again
Pranks have been had 
And tears of been shed
And maybe the potion's gone to your head

But if I were Gay, I would give this a pass
And if I were Gay, I would not find it so crass
And if I were Gay, Your advance I would thank
But I'm not gay, So Get your hooves off of my flank.
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HAHA! It would have been HILARIOUS if they put some kind of scene like this in that episode!!!
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It would have been!
 Sadly Zecora wasn't in the "Scare Master", it's pretty annoying as she had that awesome mane-do in "Luna Eclipsed".
I thought she was a Manticore?
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It's hard to tell, she doesn't have wings, horns or a scorpion-tail like the manticore on the show. I guess AJ's braided tail could be supposed to represent a scorpion-tail, but it is just as likely to represent a lion-tail.  Since Applebloom was an animal too, I figured that AJ must have been just a plain lion.
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That might just be the cutest depiction of her I've seen yet.
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Thank ya for the kind words! :D
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Aw AJ looks so cute! ^^
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Thanks! :D

AJ is cutest.
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I agree ^^ but Rarity is no slouch either ^///^  
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True. I guess Rarity can be the cutest too.
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T^T It's just so hard to choose! Rarity is my favorite pony but Applejack is a very close second...but in this picture Applejack wins the cutest award!  
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I'm thinking Zecora would be offended by it since lions hunt Zebras.
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Probably, but Zecora's dealt with worst from Ponyville ponies so she probably just shrugs it off as random stupidity. I mean, being shunned ever time you come to town is pretty though, ponies dressing up as lions and ambushing you isn't nearly as bad. But AJ will probably get a hoof or two in the face if she doesn't bolt though.

Now that I think about it, if ponies live in peace with bears, I wonder if Zebras live in peace with lions?
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I remember how I feel when I first saw that episode, feels weird how Ponies never seen a Zebra before. How could they not know, Zebra are relate Horses and Ponies, right?
Forgive for this analogy, that's like some people never seen an African person before.

That I don't know. I've seen some fan art and Madmax's comics where Zecora have lion trouble. Some people jokingly commented that lions ate Zecora's family and relatives.
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It was Pinkie's idea!
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