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Remake - Architect fate by baklaher
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If I had to pick who should ultimately be the leader out of the four Chaos Gods it would without a doubt be Tzeench for the following reasons:

1: His forces are the most powerful out of all the other chaos forces (examples: Aetaos'Rau'Keres, Ahzek Ahriman, Magnus the Red, etc)

2: He is smartest out of the four Chaos Gods and his followers and Daemons are also the smartest of the forces of Chaos as well.

3: He is willing to work with the other Chaos Gods (Even his main enemy Nurgle) and again his forces are also the main factor to keep a chaos forces together as well.

4: He was at one point the most powerful of the Chaos Gods.

If only he didn't have supernatural ADD.

Or maybe he doesn't and I just don't understand his plans.

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Also if you go by AOS he’s by far been the most successful.
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1: Nurgle's forces are vastly more effective. They are nearly impossible to kill and spread their plagues for miles before you even reach them, meaning most forces can't even get near them.

2: Debatable. He's a master of trickery but Khorne is a better battlefield tactician [as much as the writers like to forget it] and Slaanesh is his equal in manipulating others, only through different methods.

3: All of them work together at times.

4: All of them have been except for Slaanesh.
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great composition and framing
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"Fuck you Tzneench, you're a neeeeeeeeerd" - Kitten.
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"Hey, I saw that with all twelve of my eyes!!"
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I consider Tzeentch the one Chaos God with free will and true intelligence; (s)he isn't doomed to be evil, but neither required to be absolutely good.
I quibble with that perception of freedom as the architect of fate is still be bound by the fate they weave for themselves, his greater Deamons who know of his plans lose only because they were meant to. So compared to his peers he is still a prisoner, he just sees the strings, including his own.
Otherwise, yeah hope sounds nicer than stagnation, violence and pain.
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"Don't struggle Magnus! Here, let me put on your old form. That'll help drive up model sales. Boop!"
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oODark-DawnOo's avatar
Stop. Flicking. Your. Cards.
.....flick-flick-flick-flick-flick-flick-flick-flick {Eldritch Flicking continues}
oODark-DawnOo's avatar
That was one of the funniest parts of the special. Magnus becoming his rage cyclops form over card flicking was just golden (or silvery in Tzeentch's.....eyes?)
oODark-DawnOo's avatar
Aside from Magnus's snark. "The only intricate thing about this game is it's ban list."
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This looks so good! like seriously.
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Sweet freaking lighting! Such an awesome piece~ <3
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super sinister bro! I dig it. I love the lighting and background. Really adds to the main character!
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Tzeench is so weird.  I think he's the most otherworldly of the Chaos Gods.  You really captured that.  Excellent job!
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Very surreal and imaginative.
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