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Adeptus Mechanicus

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This is what happens hen you get to decide how many arms you have.

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Your art graces my optical receptor, very well done magos

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Your art honors the Omnissiah!
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This is very nice.

So detailed :nod:
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It's Remliez cousin Dave!
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that is  kool concept f cyber punk effect, old school dungeon mahe infused with technology. unreal, or super real. Bleeping Wow !!!!
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By my mechadendrites this is good.
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Freakin' awesome :) Praise the Omnissiah!
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awesome, the machine spirit will be pleased!
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Great work. I bet that (s)he wishing that quill was surgically attached to one of his/her arms. It just ain't efficient enough to have to hold it!

Praise be to the Omnissiah!
Wow this is great!
I'd like to ask: is it okay if I make a costume based on this art?
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Почему нет
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amazing work sir!!
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Is there still some human parts in this creature ? (I'm also truly amazed by your work)
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This actually is a person. The Adeptus Mechanicus loves to replace the fleshy bits with machinery.
Brain , maybe...
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Wow. Perfect mixture of magic and machinery!
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Cool! Very warhammer-style!
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Очень клево!
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А я думаю.... КТО мог это чудо нарисовать ))))))))) а это ты  ВарХамМастер ))))) жаль под рабочку не запилить никак (((( я бы на пол годика поставил....
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He's gonna tear the pages with those sharp fingers!
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