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commission: Lyra's Fortress of Solitude

Not so solitude with BonBon I guess XD.

Another commission :D
A gift from the appreciate fan to the writer :D. (annonymous)
This one bases on a fanfic [link]
If it's not obvious enough, it Lyra x BonBon 

Uh that's a ..magical something something lamp, it shouldn't burn the pillow fort to the ground... I think.
yah yah i know the fort doesn't seem so stable, I put fort pillar out so it won't block the pic.

Used cutie mark from [link]

this is CG commission at 26 usd
for more info, [link]
Each probably takes about 2.5 weeks.

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What are the books on the pillow? Kama Sutra I hope.
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:icongo-on-plz: Needs :iconmoarplz: hands though.
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Super cute! Very nice work on the background too. ^_^
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:meow: ROOO so cute :meow:
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A beautiful art of the cutest couple...well done!
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A drawing based on one of my favorite stories, awesome! :dummy:
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This is so sweet!
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sexy...real sexy. i love it.
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hmm I didn't meant it to be sexy lol but thanks
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your welcome. I just messing around...sorry about that.

Awesome work...again.

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No, I'm referring to the two ponies in here.
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