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No one told me it's their annivers



And look here what I just finished after I realize it's their anniversary...
...oh..well... um... this is a complement page for last page I made basing on
I'm going to get bashed so hard....

oh btw here's something about wildfire centre donation by Lauren

I wonder that if they exeed the goal, will there be like, changing one wildfire officer's name into Twilight. ..That would be cool.. yeah that would be really cool..

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Fuck Cadence. Fuck this story. Why do so many people find this funny? Cadence finds out Shining was raped while he was mind-controlled, and her reaction is to physically attack him? No, that's sick. Imagine if the genders were reversed, and someone mind-controlled Cadence, raped her, forced her to have a rape baby, and then Shining found out about all of it and punched her, and that was supposed to be a joke. Would that be funny to you, or would you massively hate Shining Armor?