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MLP FiM : Join Luna



Hi all, here's another pic of Luna( +..pony war?) ! I hope you guys are not tired of her yet.

First everyone!! (my) Luna is not evil at all!! All that she ever wants is to have someponies to join her, be her friends and watch some good movies.
Making dolls is her first step to get close to other ponies! She would never plan something evil like making her personal armies and overthrow her sister,burning the 6 ponies into ashes, blowing up the sun, destroying Equestria, banishing some ponies to the sun or creating a tyranny empire to dominate the whole universe.

Trust me! Just join her! To the dark side! And get some plushies!

Anyway ..I really need a new name for the Death moon…something..cuter and sweeter…

I also like the other characters too! ...
I'm RD and Pinky fan XD...
Seriously....but i just love drawing Luna

I tried using a pitch black BG but it looked a bit heavy so I changed to this.
And I have something to confess.. For this one, I used the normal Luna mode in my draft, but when I came back to my senses she's already..in the filly mode... ( 75% colored)..oh well I just want to say that I've try...

Please tell me what you think too! I really appreciate every single comment you guys give me!
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