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A short comic! ......well....when I watched ep23(the 6th time). I came to think that the rainbow looked like it was made of her mane and tail... of course that's not canon..but..It might be why she subconsciously couldn't use the sonic rainboom in ep16.. ...weird thought huh lol? ( dash fans plz don't kill me )

mhh I'll be kinda busy for a time being so maybe less upload spam X(
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she still looks adorable bald, haha. also, sweet background-drawing skillz!

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Umm...Dash your hair is missing
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TAKE THAT! Mean sorry to hear that dishy
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hey, I got bored and I decided to make a dub to this! its really good! I credited u and stuff, btu if u want me to delete it for reasons, just let me know.
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No more Hairs for Rainbow, i guess.

Spinning Awesome Smiley 
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What the fuck is that thing?! It's a dick
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Yeah, dashie; it was WAY past cool....
Sonic Rape Face Icon 
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* le me grabbing a poke-ball from my backpack

SQUIRTLE.... I choose you !!

Squirtle, quick.... water attack on the sonic rainbow.

^  ^ 

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Trying to think up a good cancer joke...

Realizing logical fallacy...

Backing away slowly...
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quick! grab her mane and see if it tastes like skittles!!!!!Mystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Rainbow Dash 
farts taste like rainvbow
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BALD! BALD! BALD! :iconspongebobmyeyesplz:
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Loool! I thought of the same thing!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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