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Liquid Fear



"Is that.."
"Hey honey..um..meet my..cousin!"

Thanks for every comments, I have read them all.(even tho i might not reponse to some)
I'm glad people like "You are the Father!" Didn't expect to get good responses at all.
For those who feel offended by the concept, I understand. I don't take rape as a joke too. Neither I try to ruin sanctity of marriage - -'.
My view on this is more of black comedy where thing bucked up. Magics involved and mistakes were made.. It's just my thought that this could happen.(as well as many other I guess).

Since what's done is done I want to play some more with this scenario. But i suck so badly at writting fiction and don't have much energy to do full comic for it. So I will just draw stuff and let you make the story out of it.
Dialog and everything in between pages and panels is yours to play with :P.

I have some ideas on the story but might not be the best, so feel free to say what should happen before, next and between. Or what you want to see. I might as well put some of those on poll and draw them. Or send private notes if you don't want to spoil the story :O.
What trouble will this little foal bring? What chaos will it bring to Canterlot/xtal empire.

ps. some similar stuff or you (I haven't read them all yet tho)

Oh right we don't even have the name for the filly.

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