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Exploring new possibilities

They follow AJ and Rarity to a convention that AJ told them not to come..
But the crew come to cheer for AJ's competition anyway! They heard that this is where adult pony find special skill and interest.

They got sent home quite quickly after though.

tag mature for no reason 
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...Celestia is the judge. XD

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As those wonder if they had a teacher moonlighting as a stripper when the CMC was to spot cheerilee at a BDSM convention when those also wonder if ponyville had no age limit as scootaloo was to spot cheerilee in a leather or even latex outfit when apple bloom and sweetie belle had witnessed rarity being hung upside down as applejack and princess celesta had been torturing rarity.

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Looks like just south of Rainbow's tail, you can see Fluttershy's mane. :D Looks like AJ's not the only one with skills using a rope. :P
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You'd expect there'd be some guards for these kinda cases. Well, maybe Celestia will give them a launch.

The CMC getting their CM at that age for BDSM ... Man, that'd be twisted.
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Well...that would be awkward.
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Omg Cherrilee. :D
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Hahaha, oh my gosh. Somehow, Cheerilee is the best part of this drawing.
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hello young customers I'm Deepthroat Cockslut how may I help you?
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Huh, glad I wasn't the only one who was thinking Cheerilee was an adult entertainment star when she's not teaching. :XD:
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maybe they'll get their BDSM cutie marks XD
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So that's what Cheerile does during the summer.
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Whelp, Cheerlie's gonna be in trouble...
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:iconintensemaudplz: intense indeed. You should see my collection
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I love how chirelee is reacting like : OH SHET WUT ARE THEY DOIN HERE???
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Well, Season 5 DID say they will explore new places & expreiences...
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And the rest was history.
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Sweetie Belle: Are those... flyswatters? I didn't know you could buy one in leather.
Apple Bloom: Uh... Sweetie Belle?
SB: Yes, Apple Bloom?
AB: Is that your sister... with my sister?
SB: *gasp* Yeah! By why did she tied Rarity and put her upside down?
AB: Let's find out!
Scootaloo: Hi Miss Cheerilee!
Cheerilee: G-girls? W-what are you doing here?
Sc: Oh! We heard that was some kind of convention forbidden to kids, so we came to investigate why. BTW, your suit look awesome! Where can I buy one?
C: Uh...
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Maud Pie had no bucks to give... She's there to study knot tying... So she can string rocks together... Why? Cause Maud is why.
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CMC logic.

This is a ludicrously funny concept.  Well played indeed!Clap Giggle 
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I would love to see this scene, would be funny in every sense.
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