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Commission: through the darkness

commission for :iconrainboomdragon:

with his oc Azure > his friend's oc Courage > Twi > also his oc eterna


They are about to fight against a dark army that is destroying a city.
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Stunning! But where's Twi's ring? 
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Glad I brought my katana
luna-is-best-pony1's avatar
thats a giant fucking sword
crimsongrain's avatar
He's compensating for something
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Maybe not. :-) In a fire team, the machine gunner got the bigger gun, but isn't compensating for anything. Just providing heavy punch. :-)
crimsongrain's avatar
The whole point of my comment was a dirty joke, but that is good to know.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh, right. The dirty joke. My bad. I mistakenly thought you were being "serious". (Not always easy to see if they're joking or not. Written discussion can be quite tough, in that aspect.:-P
crimsongrain's avatar
It's fine, people can be ambiguous with their words on the web
luna-is-best-pony1's avatar
For a horse to feel the need to compensate, its gotta be some seriously large insecurities or equally small equipment.
crimsongrain's avatar
Maybe a little bit of both.
luna-is-best-pony1's avatar
A little of column A, a lot of column B.......
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The dark grey alicorn has her horn broken......
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This is AMAZING!!!
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IKR?! I saw that, and I realized just how awesome a sword that would be in MLP... And yeah, it would most probably be Dash's XD. He's just a wannabe....
ChaoticNote's avatar
Brown-brown OC. Omg =\
Lobeznopablo's avatar
Really good work, i love your style, and i tell you in some details reminds me of my own oc
BloodyMessiah's avatar
Pony Fantasy!   that's how I want my party to look like, lol.  
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Lol the buster sword! I knew it, that sword is too cool NOT to have in anywhere :D
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