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Commission : The Cavalry's Here!


Looks like the girls have joined the fight! In an alternate universe where RD is a British chick with a great behind of course!

The game is Overwatch btw for those of you who live under boulders or rocks.

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Why add spike? he doesn't seem to have anything in common with the rest

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Uh, this is really great. Awesome choice for each character. They're both very funny but also fitting.
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and then twi is symetra, fluttershy is mercy and rarity...
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This looks absolutely amazing, Rainbow Dash is just beautiful as Tracer. I love her expression as well as your art style. Pinkie pie looks like she's having a blast while Applejack looks badass.
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Ahaha, nice. :)
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Bbbbut RD - Pharah... no?? :(
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Tracer IS the fastest moving character...My question is who becomes what class now? Fluttershy Mercy? Rarity Symmetra?...Twilight...Dva?
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Bbbbut Rainbow Dash is all about FLYING fast, not only being fast. But seriously i think it does not matter, overwatch characters and mlp:fim characters are different (duh), anyone can be ponified, ANYONE!
With a help of imagination.Imagination 
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Spike is best
AJ as McCree is too much :D
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Spike is Winston 
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So, Moondancer can be
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that or Luna
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Beautiful work. I'm not interested in playing the game, but even I have seen the trailers.
The odd thing is, Fluttershy's VA does tracer in-game.
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This is that good, I want more :3
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Twilight: Widowmaker or Mei
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For Mei I would say Fluttershy and Twilight is Winston, even tho she is not a scientist monkey.
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Fluttershy - Zenyatta (nice person, but still can kick some serious butt) or Mercy.
Rainbow Dash - Pharah (flying, duh).
Rarity - Reaper coz Style. Hanzo can do, just look at him! Also Widowmaker and Genji, but both are stereotypical though, booring.
Twilight Sparkle - Symmetra (everything must be organised) or Winston (you know, science and stuff).
Applejack - McCree (duh), Soldier 76 (coz both share practical character type), Reinhardt... may be...
Pinkie Pie - Zarya (particle cannon, anyone? also pink hair, duh), Tracer (cuz motor mouth, both are super-fast).
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I my opinion all wrong except AJ

Applejack: McCree, Texan, western etc.
Fluttershy: Mei - Altho she is fine as Medic in Team Fortress 2; just not so sure in Overwatch.
Twilight: Winston, scientist: Although not a monkey.
Rainbow: Tracer - all round, as she can blink and even though people cannot fly in real life her back story kinda fits it.
Pinkie Pie: D'Va - I have seen a few people do this and I think I agree now.
Rarity: Symmetra, Fashionable with making objects appear (turrets and teleporters) as in 1 of the episodes.

A full list of heros can be impossible (well very hard) to ponify.
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